Giving Jesus our Treasure

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Giving Jesus our Treasure
Text: Matthew 2:1-10
Occasion: Advent, Christmas
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Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Treasure, Giving
Author: Edwin Weaver


Christmas is a time of giving our treasure to others in the name of Jesus.

How to Get There

  • There was no difference between astrology and astronomy at the time. They would seem strange now, but many scholars think they saw Saturn and Jupiter intersect 3 times in a year (kingly planet and pointing to the Jews respectively) and so left on a long journey.
  • They went to find a king, not knowing what they were really after. And even the king of the Jews (the physical king) didn’t understand what was happening.
  • When they finally found Jesus, they opened their treasure and gave their gifts to baby Jesus. These were gifts they put thought into, carrying them through the desert to the new king.
  • In Jesus’ teachings, he has strong ideas about what is treasure and what isn’t. The sermon on the mount talks about keeping treasure in heaven and not on earth. Where our treasure is, there our heart will be also.
  • What is your treasure? What does your heart and life revolve around?
  • This is Christmas, when God gave us His treasure to us unworthy people.
  • These people brought what was most valuable to them and gave it to Jesus.
  • Give to Jesus what we treasure, and from our treasures, and give it to someone in the name of Jesus, someone who you will get nothing back for it.
  • The wise men and shepherds found joy in this giving, we can too.
  • There is money that we waste, items that we could sell, words of love we can share, time we can take, treasures that we can give to people who will never give back to us. The wise men did it, we can too and give from our treasure.

Things to Watch For

The original message was based on the idea of life change for one week each week of this series. This message called people to try and simplify their lives (walk to work, get a sack lunch, etc) and give away that money to someone who needs it. It was a call to stretch our thinking of how to give away what we have and simplify to help others for a bit.

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