Giving Jesus Your Presence

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Giving Jesus Your Presence
Text: Luke 2:1-20
Occasion: Advent
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: Liberal Wesleyan
Topic: Presence
Author: Edwin Weaver


Slow down and just notice people around you. Give them your ear and your presence

How to Get There

  • Shepherds were lowest of the low. The author doesn’t even remember their names. They brought nothing except themselves.
  • And they repeated the story because it was the most wonderful story, but also because that was all they had. They showed up, and they shared.
  • Christmas is supposed to be a happy time for people, a celebration. But for many people it is a time of stark loneliness, and even despair.
    • We rush right by them usually, even those near us.
    • People are hurting all around us, lonely all around us. And we don’t even truly see them.
  • What if we spend time just listening to those near us. Watch for those who are hurting, and just spend our presence.
  • Many of us have tried to evangelize before, and it hasn’t worked out. But most of the time we’re trying to close the deal of salvation with people like a used care salesman.
  • But Jesus never said “accept me and then I’ll be your friend.” Jesus just walked around, noticed those in pain, listened, asked questions, and met people’s needs. The only questions he answered were those that were asked.
  • This Christmas, give the gift of your presence. Pay attention around you to those you don’t even normally see. Who makes your coffee, is in your office, is on your street? Who are they really? Pay attention, be truly present when you are with them.
  • Pray for those who you begin to notice, invest in their lives. Be present.
  • We can be loving simply by listening, by being fully there. For many people that doesn’t happen to them and by our simple presence we can be Christ to them.
  • Without gifts, the shepherds gave Mary something that she treasured in her heart. And by being present with those who God truly misses we can give Jesus the present he wants the most.

Things to Watch For

This was originally the beginning of a message series and so does not continue as far as it might otherwise if it was a stand alone message.

Matthew 25:40 is a key verse for this message series, that what we do for the least, as do to God.

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