First Things First

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First Things First
Author: Glenn Small
Type: Puppets
Audience: Children
Occasion: Children's Church
Topic: Faithfulness
Bible Text: Genesis 5:21-32

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Brief Summary

This script briefly describes the story of Enoch in a lighter, more modern, setting.


This is part of the Jordon River Puppet series. See that page for more information on characters and background to this series.

In this script: Cappy, Fast Eddy, Jason (any leader).

Props Needed

Piece of paper for one puppet's hand.


Eddy appears at bus station window.

Eddy: Well now, well now.. I think that there are some opportunities in this little town. All I need is the right angle and the right customer. (Eddy notices Jason) You there, Good Citizen, might I have a moment of your time.

Jason: Good morning.

Eddy: Slick Eddy's the name, buying and selling is my game.

Jason: We've met.

Eddy: Yes, Sir, this is your lucky day...I'm going to make you a deal that you can't pass up.

Jason: I don't really....

Eddy: I've noticed that you have a town celebration going on here.

Jason: We're celebrating 'Founder's Days.”

Eddy: Exactly. And we both know what would make this celebration complete... “Founder's Days” souvenir key chains! Am I right or am I right! I can get my hands on some high quality imitation gold key chains that you can sell to the good people of this little town. I'm sure everyone will want one. Hay many can I put you down for?

Jason: I don't really.....

Eddy: Not interested in key chains? No, I don't blame you...Who needs another key chain anyway? No, what you need is bumper stickers. How about this? A nice red, white and blue bumper sticker that says, “Follow me to Founders Days.”

Jason: I don't really.....

Eddy: No, you're right, it should say, “I left my heart in Jordan River.” No, wait, even better. “My other car is in Canaan County.” They'd sell like hot cakes.

Jason: I don't really....

Eddy: I can tell you're a man of discerning tastes. No sir, only the best for you. What you want...what you NEED is T-shirts. Oh, what a brilliant idea. Founder's Days T-shirts. I think we're onto something here. Picture this.....a brightly colored T-shirt with your face on the front.

Jason: My face?

Eddy: Yes, you're face. And underneath your face it says, “Justin welcomes you to Jordan River.

Jason: My name is Jason.

Eddy: That's what I said, “Jason welcomes you to Jordan River.” What do you think? Should we put the order in?

Jason: I don't really think we need souvenirs. But thanks anyway.

Eddy: Okay, but you'll be sorry. I guarantee that sometime during this little town's celebration, someone is going to ask if there were any souvenir T-shirts and then you'll say to yourself, “I wish I'd listened to slick Eddy.”

Cappy enters at the Post Office Window.

Cappy: There you are Jason, I'm glad I found you.

Jason: Hi Cappy, what have you got there?

Cappy: I've been working on putting together a written history of Jordan River.

Eddy: To sell? That's a great idea.

Cappy: No, to give away.

Eddy: That's the strangest thing I've ever heard....

Jason: Never mind him, Cappy, what were you saying?

Cappy: I was working on the history of Jordan River and reading though some really old news papers and I came across something very unusual. Listen to this. (as if reading) It was reported to the Canaan County Courier that the family of Mr. E. Adamson reported him missing last Saturday morning. It seems that Mr. Adamson went for a walk and never came back.

Jason: Wow, that is interesting. Does it say what happened?

Eddy: I bet they sold souvenir T-shirts. Am I right or am I right?

Jason: What does the paper say?

Cappy: Well, let's see. (reading again) Family members, along with citizens of Jordan River searched for three days, but found no trace of the man. Mr. Adamson's nephew told the Canaan County Courier that his uncle Enoch, had just disappeared.

Jason: Did you say Enoch? That's odd.

Cappy: That's what I thought.

Eddy: What's so odd about that? Enoch was probably a common name back then. The really odd thing is that they didn't sell bumper stickers. I could have made a fortune with “Where's Enoch” bumper stickers.

Cappy: That's odd, because it's just like the story in the Bible.

Eddy: They sold bumper stickers in the Bible?

Cappy: (to Jason) Who is this guy?

(to Eddy) I'm talking about the story of Enoch, in the Bible. He was one descendants of Adam. It says he walked with God and then one day he was no more... He just disappeared.

Eddy: Did the ever find this guy named Enoch?

Cappy: Which one?

Eddy: Either of them. The Bible Enoch or the Canaan County Enoch.

Cappy: No and no, neither of them were ever seen again.

Eddy: Wow, that's a great story. Say, I think people would pay money for a story like this! Gentlemen, if you will excuse me, I've got to figure out how I can sell this!

Eddy Exits

Cappy: Is he serious?

Jason: I think he is, but you know, he's right about one thing...It is a great story.

Cappy exits

Segue to lesson

Message Ideas that Use this Topic

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