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Before you ask, no this is not a page for the newest way of playing dodgeball, or to pass on the latest inspirational story. It's not that those things are bad, but there are many sites for that sort of thing. This page is for Christian Experiential Learning activities. If you aren't familiar with that term, it's basically trying to find ways where people can do something and still grown and learn spiritually. It isn't about a clever story or a quick game, but about creating spaces and events where people can learn about God through more than just listening to words, but through actions. For more information, see the essay Teaching through Experience.

We truly believe that God is at work in everything around us, but that people can also influence how easy it is to listen to God and hear what God is saying and where God is leading. It takes a lot of work sometimes to find something that can help people learn about God for themselves without being lectured or forced to go in one direction only. But if we can pull it off, if people learn about God through their own actions and the actions of those around them it can change their lives.

Because it takes so much work, however, every pastor can always use some more ideas that our co-servants have found useful in their own ministries. So go ahead, look for something that can help you out, and tell us what events have been meaningful to your people too.

If you're wondering whether something you have fits the qualifications here, just ask one simple question. In your idea, do people learn about God and faith through an experience that they have? Not through words, but through doing. If the answer is yes, then we'd love to hear about it, whether it's a way of having students experience communion, children learn about grace by giving, or adults realizing that God is with them.

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 The PointTopicGroup SizeSettingPrep TimeAge Group
4X4 TrolleyThat a team is many individuals working togetherTeamwork1-10Outdoors20-60 min
Body of ChristHow to effectively communicate and appreciate their different GiftsChurch1-10Anywhere20-60 minYouth
Carrying the CrossHow much Jesus did for them when he died.Crucifixion
AnyOutdoors20-60 minYouth
Cohort CanonballThat they need to be protecting and helping each other in order to stand against the enemyAccountability
10-40Outdoors or Gym0-20 minYouth
Compassion UnleashedKids can feel compassion and can respond by serving others.Compassion10-40Anywhere2-5 HoursKids
Deafening SilenceThe value of eliminating the noise of the world and listening to Godescaping the world
Spending time with God
AnyAnywhere0-20 minAny
Electric FenceHow to work together as a team and problem solvingTeamwork1-10Outdoors0-20 minAny
Eucharistic Love FeastThat communion can connect us with God.Communion
1-10Small Group20-60 minAdults
Gifts for JesusChrist is the center of Christmas, and the reason we give.Christmas
AnyChristmas Party2-5 HoursAny
Handicap CrossingWhat it's like to need and give helpTrust
Problem Solving
1-10Outdoor or Indoor20-60 minYouth
Ludicrous Lava LakeLearn the necessity of each other and proper tools in this Life.Teamwork
Problem Solving
1-10Anywhere0-20 minYouth
Nails in His HandsWe each put Jesus on that cross through our actionsSin1-10Outdoors1-2 HoursAdults
Prepare for ObstaclesWe need to prepare for life if we want to succeedPreperation10-40Outdoors5+ Hours
Protestant Ash WednesdayOur sins can be burned away and only the cross remainssin
Ash Wednesday
AnyIndoors Service1-2 HoursAny
Removing our burdensOur sins, secrets, and failings are truly burdens and Jesus will take them away.Burdens
AnyOutdoors waterway20-60 minAny
SaltinessThey will definitely remember the message.Being the "salt of the earth"AnyChurch20-60 minAny
Shield MarchWe succeed as Christians when we support each otherFaith
100-200Outdoors5+ HoursYouth
Shifting ShapesHow to leadLeadership1-10Anywhere0-20 min
Silent ShuffleHow to communicate effectively, especially under frustrating circumstancesCommunication1-10Anywhere0-20 minAny
Spiders WebHow to work as a team to overcome obstaclesTeamwork
Problem Solving
1-10Outdoors20-60 minAny
Treacherous Tarp FoldHow to work together to solve a simple, but difficult problemTeamwork
AnyAnywhere0-20 minYouth
Trustfall GameTo trust other people or to illustrate our faith and trust in GodTrust10-40Outdoor or Indoor0-20 min
Unequal SoftballWe need proper equipement to succeed in life, and in faith.Equipping10-40Outdoors20-60 minAny
Unfair VolleyballLife isn't always fair, but our attitude still mattersFairness
1-10volleyball court0-20 minAny