Enthusiastic Peter

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Enthusiastic Peter
Text: Matthew 26:50-54
Occasion: Peter Enthusiastically Fights for Jesus
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Faith
Author: Jeff D


Peter's actions during Jesus' arrest showed both bravery and foolishness. It all comes back around to his strong faith.

How to Get There

1. His Christ is Arrested - Peter is devastated that the man he claimed as Christ and considered king is being arrested.

2. His Reaction - Peter is ready to fight the numerous guards present. He tries to kill Malchus, but only got his ear.

3. Jesus' Rebuke - He tells Peter and the other followers to put their swords away. This is not the way God's kingdom is looking to "fight" others.

Things to Watch For

Look into the amount of soldiers that came to arrest Jesus compared to the amount of His followers that were present. This shows the bravery and faith Peter had.

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This Message is part 3 of Peter's Enthusiasm message series.