El-Shaddai - Enough

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El-Shaddai - Enough
Text: Isaiah 9:6
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Providence, Having Enough
Author: Dick Emery


God is enough and more. In His we find everything we need.

How to Get There

  • This message starts with Genesis 17:1 but focuses on Isaiah 9:6 as expanding on what El-Shaddai means.
  • We are always talking about having enough, but we never seem to know when we have achieved that. “Enough” is stretched in America especially to ridiculous proportions.
  • When God appeared to Abram he called himself “El-Shaddai” or “God almighty.”
  • ”Shaddai” is a term that came from the Hebrew for “breast” and is about how a baby gets all it needs from its' mother. So God is our everything, is enough for us.
  • But “enough” is a term we don't get, so Isaiah 9:6 unpacks it for us with many of the different ways that God is enough for us, is our “El-Shaddai”
    • Wonderful – God is mysterious, awe inspiring, unique. God is our guider and helper, we don't need other guides, other counselors, other sights to amaze us.
    • Mighty – God meets our needs for protection, and for being associated with power. Our God is not impotent and neither are we when we are with God.
    • Everlasting – We all want to live on, to have a connection with something permanent and God is that connection.
    • Prince of Peace – God meets our need for rest. God brings resolution to our lives. God to enough to end our conflicts with ourselves and others.
  • In every way, God is enough for us.
  • But all of this hinges on our willingness to accept God as being enough, to let God be our everything and take what is being offered. In other words, let God sign his name in our lives as “El-Shaddai.”

Things to Watch For

  • "Shaddai" and even a translation of it is missing from that passage in Genesis in the Septuagint.
  • There are also many other interpretations of what "El-shaddai" means, but this is one. The same point can be gotten from other places and other means if you don't like using the breast interpretation of this term.

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