Do Your Dream

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Do Your Dream
Text: Genesis 37:1-36
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Dream, Service
Author: Seud O'Nimmy


Get involved in fulfilling the dreams God gives you for ourselves and the Church.

How to Get There

  • Dare to Dream
    • Joseph had a dream.
    • He dreamed big, that God would use him in huge ways, even as ruler. Do we allow God to show us dreams that large?
  • Declare your Dream
    • Joseph also told someone. We need to share what God has given us, despite the consequences.
    • It wasn't pleasant to tell people for Joseph, especially not the second time. But by telling others we are held to following it, we declare we believe God's word.
  • Detours will Come
    • Everyone around him seemed to be trying to stop Joseph from fulfilling the dreams God gave him.
    • Satan will try to stop us as well, and sometimes it will see like he is throwing everything at you.
    • But like Joseph, God will provide help when you need it (like Reuben, Potifer, the Ishmaelites, taster, and even Pharoah himself).
  • Expect unexpected resources. God will provide.
  • Do your dream. Don't forstall, don't delay.
    • Listen to God's dreams for your life, your church.
    • (This is a good time talk about the dreams you have for the church and yourself, including what we're doing to get there, and detours/delays that have come)
  • Joseph acted on his dreams. What are we doing about ours? Do something!

Things to Watch For

There is a different between our personal goals and "dreams" that God has given us. This distinguishment needs to be made clearly. We aren't talking just about dreams we get when we sleep, or about our own personal wishes, but what we believe God is leading us towards.

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