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One of the most expensive elements in a church budget can be the curriculum. For a large church it can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, but even for a smaller church buying new curriculum/lesson plans for Sunday schools, Wendesday night groups, small groups and Bible studies can simply be too expensive. Some people write their own, but many people do not feel confident enough to do that, and none of us can write all the curriculum our churches need every year. But we cannot stop teaching.

This page is an attempt to ease the financial burden of churches, as well as the time crunch of its' leaders, by offering quality curriculum resources for free. These are all created by people in churches, for use in the Christian community. If you need curriculum for your church, feel free to use anything you find here. If you have written curriculm for a group yourself, please feel welcome to share it and help out other churches too.

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"To Save A Life"This Series uses the Christian Movie, "To Save a Life" in conjunction with the Bible to explore issues relevant to TeensSunday School, Midweek Teen Service, Youth GroupTeen, Youth, Jr high, Sr High11WABuisman
God in the World Around the BibleA look at how we can see God at work, not just in the Bible but in the entire world paving the way.Sunday School, Bible StudyAdult8Brian Mackey
Great Moments in FaithLooking a biblical moments of faith and placing ourselves in that same situation.Sunday SchoolYouth, AdultsBrian Mackey
Joshua: Promises FulfilledA Biblical study of the book of Joshua.Sunday SchoolAdults7Scott Reynolds
Meet Me Under the TreeSeven lessons based on the encounters that happen in the Bible under trees.Bible StudyWomen7Margie Wall
Nancy Hale
Meet Me at the GateA Bible study centered around encounters people had at city gates in the Bible.Bible StudyWomen8Margie Wall
Nancy Hale
Meet Me at the Well5 Lessons based on encounters women in the Bible had at wellsBible StudyWomen5Margie Wall
Meet Me in PrisonA look at God's power through biblical stories of prison.Bible StudyWomen, Adults8Margie Wall
Nancy Hale
Meet Me in the ArmoryA study of Ephesians 6, the armor of God.Bible StudyWomen, Adults7Margie Wall
Nancy Hale
Fran Roads
Meet Me in the GardenA course of study based on the fruit of the SpiritBible StudyWomen9Margie Wall
Meet Me in the MeadowA Bible study based around the flowers of the Bible.Bible StudyWomen8Margie Wall
Sojourns of Ancient IsraelA year long course on the Pentateuch looking especially at the movements of IsraelGeneralGeneral45Richard D. Scheuerman