Communion Liturgy

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Communion Liturgy
Occasion: Communion
Theological Tradition: General
Setting: General
Style: Traditional

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Elements of the Event

Bread, juice

Event Liturgy

Communion Liturgy

Minister: The Lord himself ordained this holy sacrament. He commanded his disciples to partake of the bread and wine, emblems of his broken body and shed blood. This is his table. The feast is for his disciples. Let all those who have with true repentance forsaken their sins , and have believed in Jesus Christ for salvation, draw near and take these emblems, and by faith, partake of the life of Jesus Christ, to your soul's comfort and joy. Let us remember that it is the memorial of the death and passion of our Lord; also a token of His coming again. Let us not forget that we are one, at one table with our Lord.


Minister (while bread is being passed out): The body of our Lord Jesus Christ, which was broken for you, may it preserve you blameless, unto everlasting life. Take and eat, in remembrance that Christ died for you. (Once it is served) You may take the bread.

(Eat the bread)

Minister (while the cup is being passed): the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, which has been shed for you, may it preserve you blameless unto everlasting life. Drink this, in remembrance that Christ's blood was shed for you, and be thankful. (Once it is served) You may take the cup.

(Drink the cup)

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