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In recent years we as Christians, and especially as pastors,
have left the job of seriously interpreting the Bible to the "experts." And while there is much they can teach us, we believe that there is equal value in the shared wisdom and insight of God's people prayerfully searching for understanding in the scriptures. The Bible was not written to be understood only by experts, but by all.

Many pastors cannot afford all the best research by the experts, especially if they are not planning on preaching more than a message or two on that book. Others do not have the time to sort through a dozen books they don't really understand just to get insight into a passage they are only briefly refering to in the message. Others might be stumped on a passage or want some other ideas on where to take it. We're here to help.

The idea behind this section of the site is that each pastor culls through their own exegesis of a passage and posts it (with citations of course), creating a wiki commentary based on actual pastors' research. As more pastors post, we can refine each other's work and fill in the gaps with our own research and insights. Any message ideas that use this chapter will also be linked to at the bottom of the page.

We hope that you will find this site useful, and we also hope that you will help us to improve it with your insights and study so that other pastors can benefit.

How to Use it

The commentary is divided by book of the Bible, with each chapter of every book having its' own page. Just click on the book of the Bible you want to access, and if there is any commentary for the chapter you are after a link to it will appear on that page. If there is no link to the chapter you need, create a new page for it using the template provided on that book's page and add what research you have.

Please only post your own research, and any references or reliance upon other resources needs to be cited. Any plagiarised information that we find will be removed because of copyright law, sorry.

If you wish to add more content to a chapter that already exists, go to that chapter and click "edit". For more information on editing and citations, see our FAQ page.

Books of the Bible

Listed below are the books of the Bible that we have commentary on. If you do not see the book that you wish to comment on below, please make a new page by following the box below, and then creating the correct chapter from that page.

Type the name of the Book of the Bible that you want to comment on in the box below, then click the "Comment on a New Book" Button.

To sort by another category, press the Sort none.gif button above the column you wish to sort by.

BookTestamentLiterary GenreBook OrderPercent Done
GalatiansNewPauline Epistle48
EphesiansNewPauline Epistle49
PhilippiansNewPauline Epistle50
1 ThessaloniansNewPauline Epistle52
2 TimothyNewPastoral Epistle55
2 JohnNewGeneral Epistle63
3 JohnNewGeneral Epistle64