Christmas Cards

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Christmas Cards
Author: Glenn Small
Type: Comedic Skit
Audience: Children
Occasion: Children's Church, Advent
Topic: The Prophet's Candle, Prophecy
Bible Text: Malachi 3:1-4

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Brief Summary

Two people talk about how the prophets told us Jesus would come way before he was ever born, setting up a discussion on Advent and prophecy.


This is part of the Jordon River Puppet series. See that page for more information on characters and background to this series.

In this script: Lou the Letter Carrier, The Shadow, Jason

Props Needed

Envelopes, Christmas cards to deliver, door


After the first song, Lout enters from the Post Office Door singing a favorite Christmas song/Carole

Use the following script as a general guide-line for an ad lib conversation

Lou: (Looking through the stack of envelopes) Good morning Jason, I think I've got something for you here… Here we go… a nice post card from your dentist; it looks like you're due for a checkup.

And here's one addressed to Jason or current resident from Mr. Chin's produce stand, he's having a buy one get one free sale on onions this week… luck you.

Oh, and here's one from... let's see… Muddy Creek, Minnesota. Who do you know in Muddy Creek Minnesota?

Jason: (taking card from Lou) That must be my cousin Penelope… This looks like a Christmas card. It seems awfully early to be getting Christmas cards.

Lou: It's after 10:30, that's not too early.

Jason: I meant early in the year, it seems like we just had Thanksgiving.

Lou: No, it's that time of year, we're already starting to see lots of Christmas cards and packages in the Post Office. And… this is the first Sunday of Advent, you know.

Jason: Wow, the first Sunday of Advent? Let me think… that's the Prophet candle, isn't it?

Lou: It is, but I like to think of it as the “Letter Carrier's candle”

Jason: I don't get it, why the Letter Carrier's candle?

Lou: Because they were the first to “Deliver” the message about the promised savior.

Jason: Oh I get it. You're right, they did deliver the message, but did you know that prophets talked about the promised Savior hundreds of years before Jesus was born?

Lou: …and you thought that these cards were early. I have more deliveries to make, I've got to get going…

(Lou Exits, Jason continues with the singing)

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