Called to be a Watchman

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Called to be a Watchman
Text: Ezekiel 3:16-27
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Accountability, Service
Author: Edwin Weaver


We are watchmen, keeping each other accountable and serving each other.

How to Get There

  • This also heavily relies on Ezekiel 33 for a broader view of the role of calling our warnings to the wicked, and that God does not want them to die.
  • There is a lot of sin in the world, both in and outside of our communities of believers.
  • Ezekiel was called to be a watchman, to cry out about the sins around him and the dangers those sins were bringing to his people.
  • This was to the sinful and the righteous, for both have different problems.
  • Our own righteousness is not enough to save us, we are rightfully in trouble and need to be reminded of that when we are not turning to God for help.
  • But over time this got out of hand, lots of finger pointing and no help.
  • Jesus came and served, emphasizing that we are to be watchmen, but with love and service.
  • We need to speak to others, but also help them.
  • But always pray to God first, and seek out our own errors Mark 7:3-5, then turn to others to say anything.
  • We are to be like Ezekiel, but Ezekiel through the lens of Jesus. We as a community must help where there are needs, and be willing to say when something is wrong or sinful.
  • The watchman is an important role, one we must have, but through Jesus it is more than words and finger pointing. It is about caring for those we speak with and helping them avoid sin and hurt however we can, with words and actions.

Things to Watch For

There are some passages and verses that make it seem that God doesn't care if anyone turns from their evil or not. Multiple verses and passages are often needed to get the full context. This is especially true to tie in how Jesus goes beyond our calling out and got into our mess to save us.

This also can easily be misconstrued as being purely about serving others or only about yelling about sin. But there is a balance here that needs to be carefully maintained. We do this from love, and in prayer, and both sides need to be maintained.

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