Breathe on me Breath of God

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Breathe on me Breath of God
Text: Ezekiel 37:1-14
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Holy Spirit, Revival
Author: Edwin Weaver


If we are feeling dead, dry, hollow, the Holy Spirit is here to breathe life in us.

How to Get There

  • Ezekiel had just heard that the temple was destroyed, the last hope of the people was shattered.
  • There was no hope, people were dried and hurting.
  • God compares them to dry bones, not even alive.
  • But God has a word to give, a word that gives hope. God will fit the bones back together, and then slowly repair the damage done until they are ready to have life breathed back into them.
  • God promised to cleanse them, soften their heaerts, give them hope and life again.
  • God's breath (or spirit) can do that, it can give hope and life where there was none.
  • God did the same thing with the early Church, hollow believers afraid and hurting, not much hope.But then God's breath, God's Spirit came in Acts 2.
  • We often feel dry, abandoned, like exiles without hope.
  • Maybe we've been knit back together from our old bones, but we're still not feeling alive.
  • God has a word to give to us right now, spoken in the Bible and spoken to each other.
  • We too can have the Holy Spirit, the breath of God that fills us with life and that gives us hope.

Things to Watch For

The OT and NT words for spirit should be studied. They are both similar, and breath, air, and spirit are usually all contained in that one word. This means that the Holy Spirit can easily be translated as Holy Breath of God and that God breathing can be giving God's Spirit. This ties in Ezekiel and Acts quite closely.

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This Message is part 5 of Ezekiel, A Hard Headed Prophet message series.