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Every American pastor seems to have a thousand books lying around. As the digital age progresses we buy those books online more often, and are even having purely digital copies of our books. But books remain critically important to most pastors. They are often our knowledge banks and our inspiration.

But the question is what books are any good? We don't have time or money to buy and read every book out there that claims to help pastors. That's where this page comes in. If you have a book that has really helped you out or that you highgly recommend in some area please post it for everyone else, and please rate the books that others have posted but you have used to further refine our pages.

Remember, this isn't about telling us every book you have read, but about sharing those books that have truly made a difference in your ministry.

Administration - Whether it is how to run a meeting, deal with staff, get a loan going, deal with retirement, time management, or anything else, administration is a big part of a pastor's life.

Biography - Whether it is stories of Christians from long ago, martyrs of today, or leaders who had the courage to change, biographies and autobiographies can be powerful forces.

Children and Youth - Ministering to the young, or even understanding them, can be a challenge. Here are some books that other pastors have found helpful.

The Church - This is a generic category that deals with anything directly relating to the Church universal or the local church itself. Church growth, church crisis management, church and culture, all of that and more would fall under this category.

Counseling - However accurate the old adage "refer, refer, refer" is, we need to be able to help those who come to us. Whether it's crisis counseling, premarital counseling, or anything else, this can be a major part of a pastor's life and we need all the help we can get in it.

Education and Discipleship - The great commission is all about discipleship, but how to do it is always tricky because it is the meeting of theology, faith, culture, teaching, preaching, life, and personality.

Fiction - Sometimes the best way of understanding truths that are hard to grasp is through allegory and fiction.

History - "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana. Christianity has made some doozy mistakes, let's make sure we don't repeat them, but learn from the best of it.

Missions and Evanglism - The Church is more than just our country, and God is seeking to save more than just us.

General Pastoring - This is a section for discussions on the pastor as person, and pastoring in general.

Prayer - Prayer is a big issue for all Christians, and often we pastors need as much help with prayer as anyone else.

Preaching - The one thing that almost every pastor does week after week is speak. And yet it is one of them things many of us feel least confident about. Something that helps our speaking, planning, storytelling, or anything like that is almost always welcome.

References - There are thousands of commentary series, dictionaries, surveys, and lexicons out there. Most of them don't really tell us anything more than what we can figure out ourselves by reading closely.

Spiritual Growth - Pastors need spiritual food the same as anyone else. We cannot lead without being fed ourselves. Here are some books that have helped feed other pastors.

Theology - While theological texts are probably not something most of us sit down to read willingly, we all must have a firm foundation in theology. Here are some texts that others pastors recommend.