Body of Christ

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Body of Christ
Topic Church
Group Size 1-10
Prep Time 20-60 min
Setting Anywhere
Age Group Youth
The Point How to effectively communicate and appreciate their different Gifts

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Supplies Needed

  • Printed out cards telling the Kids what part of the body they are.
  • Enough Blind folds for everyone

How to Set Up

You will need to print up or write out cards on a sheet of paper or on note cards with each body part and a description of it's abilities and limitations.

Body Parts:

  • Eyes; can see
  • Mouth; can talk to those outside the body, and eat things
  • Ears; can receive verbal information/instructions outside the body
  • Brain; only part that can make decisions
  • Left Leg; can move and carry anything
  • Left Hand; can move and carry anything
  • Right Leg; can move and carry anything
  • Right Hand; can move and carry anything
  • Torso; can't do anything, other than be carried

All parts are Limited in these ways unless otherwise stated:

  • can't talk, except with other members of the Body or eat
  • can't move
  • can't see (blindfolds)
  • can't make decisions
  • can't receive verbal information outside the body
  • can't make decisions
  • can't disconnect from the torso, even for 1 second

Come up with several tasks for each group to attempt and any supplies they will need

What Happens Then

Divide up into groups of 9-10. There is flexibility on the #'s in a group, you'll just have to add or subtract body members.

Give each person their individual card, either randomly (which is interesting) or intentionally. Make sure they understand what they can and cannot do. Explain that communication within the body is okay, but they cannot talk to anyone outside the body unless they are the mouth. The brain is the only member that can make decisions and is basically the King of the body. The torso can do absolutely nothing, but if any other member is disconnected from the torso for even a moment they are permanently cut off from the body. Have each member grab onto an ankle or wrist or whatever on the torso to avoid this. Only the legs and arms can carry the torso

Set up tasks for the body to accomplish. They do not have to be that complicated. Things like go to the fridge and pull out a can of pop and drink it can be hard. Make sure that your tasks us each unique bodily function. Keep the blindfolds on and make sure they are following the other rules of the game, because even the purest Christians will be tempted to cheat on this activity.

Let them figure out how to accomplish the tasks. Even if they get frustrated, try not to interfere. With this experience you really can't lose, even if they get completely mad at each other and quite. Because you will debrief them on what the experience was like. What were their frustrations, what did they do well, and how could they do better, how does this experience relate to our church group are all questions you could ask. Really try to drive home the points that each team member was important, even the torso and that communication is essential to accomplishing anything in a group.

Possible Problems

It is possible that your group gets so frustrated that they blow up at each other. Try to cool things down if they get to volatile.

Also there is a potential risk of running into tables, poles etc so make sure that you or somebody else are working with the "eyes" to avoid injuries. Be extra careful with stairs.

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