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Book Title Author Rating Survey
A New Beginning for Pastors and Congregations Kennon Callahan noscript=true}} I have read this book before taking every pastoral position I have ever had. And while it doesn't contain everything you need, it consistently leads in the right direction.
It Craig Groeschel noscript=true}} This book explains how we always seek "it" to makes us and our church better and succeed. This talks about how to avoid the "it" that isn't "it" and what "it" is that we are really seeking and will make us happy.
The Contemplative Pastor Eugene Peterson noscript=false}} As well as being the author of the Message translation of the Bible, Eugene Peterson is also a gifted pastor. I love this book because it presents a fresh look at what it means to be a pastor, not just as culture defines us, but who we need to be ourselves in order to not just lead but lead people to changed lives.