Armored Righteousness

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Armored Righteousness
Text: Ephesians 6:14
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Righteousness
Author: Brian M


We cannot be righteous through our own efforts, but God can make us righteous.

How to Get There

  • This is metaphor is based on a Roman soldier. Their breastplates were not the Greek one piece style, but were made of many overlapping and interconnected pieces. It was too expensive to make anything
  • Righteousness is being able to stand before God pure and blameless. It is rightly following the laws, not sinning.
  • Our righteousness is a lot like this armor. It is made of a whole host of things in our life.
  • We can make a plate or two on our own. But we can't make the entire suit of armor.
  • Any chink is not just a small loss, but an opening, and we will be attacked through that.
  • But God has given us a new suit, with all the pieces in place. We just need to use it, keep it up.

Things to Watch For

  • This message works best with a visual. An actual piece of armor works best, especially if you can get someone to wear it all service and see how heavy it is without training.
  • This is a pacifist army here. Make sure not to talk about attacking. Just like the armor is truly God's, so is the battle.
  • Linguistically, everything in this verse refers back to “stand firm” a few verses back.
  • There are some difficulties with whether this is imputed or imparted righteousness, and is something that each person will need to work out. Is this God's armor only, or does it become ours?
  • Be careful talking about mdoern medical knowledge like they knew about it back then. The metaphor was built using Roman medical knowledge, not today's.

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Other Considerations

  • Something similar to the Roman armor might be today's military, with pieces of steel in there. Someone sees a weakness they will go for it.
  • There is a wealth of directions to take this message. Discipline and training can easily play into this as well. So could righteousness protecting our heart from pain, or the need to take it up and train before combat.

This Message is part 3 of The Armor of God message series.