And Along Came Jesus

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And Along Came Jesus
Text: Mark 10:46-52
Occasion: Lent
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Healing
Author: Seud O'Nimmy


To Jesus everyone matters, and Jesus is ready to help us live our lives to the fullest

How to Get There

  • As Passover approached, 2 million people descended on what today would be considered medium sized town of Jerusalem. And Jesus was on his way there for the final time.
  • The roads would have been packed with people headed into the city, telling stories of this Jesus, and many probably following along with him on the journey.
  • Alongside the road were beggers, without a future, without hope. Covered in the dust and muck of the road.
  • You can imagine this one begger listening to all the stories of this Jesus he must have heard from people passing by. Hope starts to form. If only he could meet this man somehow.
  • Then Jesus actually comes by and the man goes nuts, screaming and shouting for Jesus while everyone tells himt o be quiet.
  • When God shows up, everything else becomes small and pointless.
  • This beggar gambles it all on his hope in Christ.
    • The leaders had already made a point of saying that anyone who called Jesus the messiah would be excommunicated.
    • Yet this man takes a risk, especially as it would mean any truly religious people, those most likely to give, would shun him when it got out he sought Jesus' help.
    • Helaid what little he had on the line because of his hope in Jesus. By crying out "son of David" he is throwing in his lot with Jesus, and the desperation comes through.
  • This is something he can't un-say. He is risking everything on Jesus.
  • People hushed him, "don't say anything if you know what's good for you." "Yelling that sort of thing will only get us all in trouble."
  • And on his way to die for us, his final hours running through his fingers, Jesus hears him and stops for a begger.
  • You can almost hear the surprise as the disciples voice as they come to Bartimaeus.
  • On his way to his own execution, surrounded by thousands of people urging him to keep going, Jesus stops. Because all people matter to God!
  • Regardless of anything else in your life. You matter!
  • and when Jesus called to him, he jumped up and answered. We too need to be ready to leave everything and follow the voice of God.
  • Batimaeus asks to be see, "again." He remembers a time when things were different, better. And is there really anything worse than that?
  • When we can remember a time when our relationship with God was better, when we were on fire instead of cold and feeling burned out, it is painful.
  • If you can remember that day, if we too are spiritually blind today and remember a time when things were better, then we need to go with Bartimaeus to Jesus and say "I want to see (you) again."
  • He didn't ask for a seeing eye dog, or money, or a better cup, but to see again.
  • how long has it been since you have really spiritually seen Jesus? Not see the things God does for us, or other people worshipping God, but really see HIM.
  • We need to say with Nick "I need to see you again." Jesus can bring whatever you need into your life. He asks "what do you want me to do?" What Jesus did here was give the man back the life he had lost. Whatever is going on with us, God can give us a chance to start over, and experience life fully, a life worth living.

Things to Watch For

This was originally the opening message of a series and so probably needs to be tightened up somewhat to be used individually, especially as so much of the first back of this message as written here is about background for the series.

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