Anatole - Hope

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Anatole - Hope
Text: Luke 1:76-79
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Hope, Light
Author: Dick Emery


We cannot live without hope. Christ gives hope, casting out despair and fear.

How to Get There

  • We can go without a ot of things, food, housing, friends, and more. And it hurts. We can lose a ton of things in this life and they all are painful.
  • But losing hope is the worst. It is said we literally can't survive without hope, we die if we don't have at least a flicker of it.
  • And when Jesus came into the world, people needed hope really badly. They were a conquered people waiting for a savior.
  • In biblical terms, light and hope are talked about together. Fear and despair are black, dark.
  • The world was black then, and it still is. It often seems like the world is crashing down, like our lvies are crashing down.
  • Sin destroys whatever it touches, bringing darkness and despair with it.
  • Zechariah and Elizabeth are the best Judaism had to offer, but for years they had little hope of a son.
  • Zechariah here is praising God for what giving John to him and is filled with hope.
  • But the hope isn't jsut about John, instead at the end Zechariah switches to talking about Jesus, calling him the rising son, Anatole.
  • That's how Christ comes in our lives, like the rising son casting out darkness and despair.
  • There can be no darkness where there is light, no despair where there is hope.
  • We can't be that light for ourselves, we need God's light to shine in our lives.
  • For Zechariah, their hope for themselves, for their son, and for the world were all in Christ. And this song of praise is the result.
  • Our despair can be cast out as well, when the hope that Christ brings comes in.

Things to Watch For

  • Anatole does not mean hope, that is elpis. Anatole means the rising run and is the term Zechariah used to talk about Jesus' coming.
  • This is not a vague hope in thinking good things. We have hope because Christ is God, and God loves us and came for us, no other reason.

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