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Book Number 44
Testament New
Number of Chapters 28
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Literary Genre History
References Used Bibliography: Acts

Acts is of course, the only canonical history of the early Church. However, it is not a modern sort of history. Written by Luke, the book of Acts doesn't attempt to chronicle what every apostle was doing, or how the gospel came to every major city. Instead, Luke chronicles stories that can illustrate through their details the changes that was going through the entire church.

This was a time of great change for the early Church, as they began to figure out who should be included and welcomed into the Church, and how much their Jewish tradition continued to be relevant in their faith.

Looking back, the book of Acts looks like such a story of triumph and growth for the early Church. However, we know that the Christian faith continues. For these early believers it must have been frightening beyond belief. Acts works us through the growth of the Church, not just numerically, but also spiritually. From scared believers huddled in a room to bold men and women healing and teaching all over the known world, Acts chronicles it all, with little snippets and examples stories to help share what was happening all over.

Of particular interest are two areas of extreme growth. The first is the geographical growth, and what prompted each little movement away from Jerusalem. The second is the growth of the believer's self-identity. From being part of the Jewish faith with an awesome rabbi at the beginning of the book, early Christians soon began to forge an identity for themselves with regards to leadership, food laws, and relating to Gentiles.

Slowly the early Christians reached out to more people, in more places. But it wasn't an easy decision. This was an agonizing time for the believers, filled with hard choices that changed the world.

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