A Wide Open Door

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A Wide Open Door
Text: Revelation 3:8
Occasion: General
Audience: Adults
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Growth
Author: Seud O'Nimmey


The door is open for us to grow and be like Christ, but we have to want it.

How to Get There

  • We often get in a rut and just stick with it, but we don’t have to stay there.
  • God has promised us an open door to him, if we take it. But only those who hunger to be different get changed. We have to walk through it.
  • There are many layers to faith, stages of transformation, but we have to chose to move from one to the other. It’s like a funnel, with fewer and fewer people each stage.
    • The 5000 – The curious. Mark 6:44 talks about a crowd of people gathering, just because they were curious about Jesus. Some listened, some ignored him, some just wanted food or to say they heard him.
    • 500 – The Connected. 1 Corinthians 15:6 tells about how 500 people say Jesus, stuck around, were involved enough to see him and listen. In our world they showed up, were part of a small group, and maybe a Sunday school class.
    • 120/72 – The Committed, Acts 1:15. 120 were there to receive the Holy Spirit, 72 were sent out by Christ before his death. These people were really serving, and were there in dry times and in the good times. These were workers who changed the world.
    • 12 – The Core. These were the disciples, who learned to serve like Christ, love like Christ.
    • 3 – The Inner Circle. Peter, James, and John were with Christ day in and day out, knowing him more than anyone else. God wants you to be so connected to Him that when He moves, you move, and amazing things can happen.
    • 1 – The Cross. In the end, it is Christ we are emulating and trying to be like. This is the ultimate goal of the believer, to sacrifice ourselves, give up our rights and follow Christ no matter what.
  • We can live at any of these levels, but if we want to get used, to be blessed by serving, we need to at least be committed. Satan will attack us, but if we hunger for Christ, Christ will take us deeper.
  • Be more than a good Christian. Be hungry for more. The door is open for us if we are hungry for it.

Things to Watch For

This message can easily become about how some people are just better than others, but that's not the point. Be careful to talk about the equality of Christ's love and how we can each be at any of these levels.

Emphasizing that we can't get to one without passing through the earlier ones as well is also good. It's ok for people to be in the pews and simple curious. It's ok for a new believers to be getting connected. That is all fine. But Christ wants us to hunger for more.

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