A Perfect Place to Live

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A Perfect Place to Live
Author: Glenn Small
Type: Puppets
Audience: Children
Occasion: Children's Church
Topic: Eden
Bible Text: Genesis 2:8-10

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Brief Summary

Two characters talk about how wonderful where they live in, and how great Eden was. It is designed merely to prepare for the story of Eden to be told.


This is part of the Jordon River Puppet series. See that page for more information on characters and background to this series.

In this script: Morton the Pig, Moira the Pig

Props Needed

A fence or some other form of puppet stage.


After the singing, Moira appears at the fence. Moira is working on a poem and is reciting lines to herself.

Moira: “I love to live in Jordon River

It's the best-est town of all

The people here are friendly

But I wish we had a mall.”

Oh, I like that… now let's see, something about how beautiful it is here… I could say something like…

“The hills are green, the water – blue

The sunset is red and orange

It's the prettiest spot in the state...”

Hmm… what rhymes with orange? Borange… corange… dorange?

Morton enters at the fence

Morton: Alright I'm here, so what's the really important thing you needed to tell me about?

Moira: I need your help to write a poem for Founder's Days. What rhymes with Orange?

Morton: Lot's of things rhyme with orange?

Moira: Like what?

Morton: Like… um… well… um… well like “Torange”

Moira: “Torange?” That's not a word.

Morton: Why are you writing a silly old poem anyway?

Moira: it's for the Founder's Day celebration. The newspaper is sponsoring a writing contest and there is a prize for the best poem about Jordon River or Canaan County. I really want to win, but I need your help.

Morton: Sorry, I really don't like poetry and all that rhyming stuff.

Moira: If we win, they'll print our poem in the paper and put our pictures next to it.

Morton: Not interested.

Moira: I'll share the prize with you.

Morton: Not interested

Moira: It's a gift certificate from the flower shop.

Morton: Still not interested.

Moira: And a fully packed picnic basket from Canaan County Deli Lunch for four with their famous chocolate cake for dessert.

Morton: I love poetry! So what does rhyme with orange?

Moira: I thought that might get your attention.

Morton: What other contests and events are happening during Founder's Day?

Moira: Yu mean what other prizes could you win?

Morton: Exactly.

Moira: Well, there's the talent show. I think the prize for that is a giant pizza with all the toppings.

Morton: Mow you're talking… I'm loaded with talent, check this out: (In an Elvis-like voice) “Thank you – thank you very much (snort).”

Moira: What was that?

Morton: You're kidding, right? (in an Elvis-like voice) “Thank you – thank you very much (snort).” What does that sound like?

Moira: It sounded like you.

Morton: No, someone famous (In an Elvis-like voice) “Thank you – thank you very much (snort).”

Moira: (shaking her head) I got nothing.

Morton: It's Elvis.

Moira: You mean Elvis Stanly who works at the gas station?

Morton: No, I mean the famous singer, Elvis, Elvis “Pigsley”

Moira: Maybe we should stick to writing a poem.

Morton:' You didn't think that was funny?

Moira: What does rhyme with orange?

Morton: Ok, I can take a hint. What's the poem about?

Moira: I think it should be about why Jordon River is a perfect place to live.

Morton: It is kind of pretty here, isn't it?

Moira: It's like the garden.

Morton: Are you talking about the state park on the other side of the county?

Moira: No, I mean in the Bible, the Garden of Eden where everything began.

Morton: Was that a pretty spot too?

Moira: It was more than pretty – it was perfect.

Morton: Maybe that's what out poem should be about?

“Jordon River is a perfect place

It's not too small, and not too big

It's bring a smile to every face…

Moira: (Finishing the last line)

Every woman, man and pig.”

Morton: You're good. Now finish this line:

“We call it the Garden City

Because Eden was already taken

The flowers here are pretty…

Moira: And they smell as sweet as bacon.”

Morton: That's a prize winner for sure. Now if we could just find a word that rhymes with orange we could finish it off.

Moira: You now what would help with our creative thinking?

Together: Lunch

Morton: I like the way you think.

Moira: and I look pretty good in pink.

Morton: Oh I get it, you're still making up rhymes, that's funny.

Moira Aren't you glad it's sunny?

Morton: (As he exits) OK, no more.

Moira: (following him) Oh you're such a boar.

Morton: (From off stage) Stop it.

Moira: Hop it.

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