A New Day

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A New Day
Text: Luke 24:1-12
Occasion: Easter
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Resurrection
Author: Darren Bartholomew


Christ's resurrection brings a new day for the world, and a new life for us.

How to Get There

  • Jesus knew what he was getting himself into. He knew what was coming.
  • (Recap of the last few days of Jesus life is a good idea here)
  • But to those looking on, nothing seemed in control. This didn't look like a victory, it looked like a defeat.
    • The disciples thought so, they left.
    • Death doesn't look like victory.
  • But then Easter came.
    • The greatest victory ever.
    • What the world had waited for, what it needed.
  • A single day can change the world. The disciples were cahnged, the world changed when Jesus rose. It was a new day.
  • We can have a new day when the resurrection transforms us from unbelief to belief
    • We all have doubts sometimes. Thomas doubyed.
    • And nothing on Earth can remove those doubts but a personal moment with Jesus Christ.
  • It's a new day for us when the resurrection transforms us from death to life.
    • All of us are unrighteous and worthy of death. We should have died. But Jesus paid for us.
    • We are to take this new life we have and live it God's way.
    • When the disciples saw Jesus they went from hopeless to empowered. Ours can too.
  • It's a new day for us when the resurrection rtansforms us from despair to hope.
    • The disciples in Luke 24:44-49 were depressed.
    • Without Jesus, there was no hope for the disciples, but as soon as he appeared their hope was back.
    • We have hope in the future because of Jesus living too.
  • If you don't know that hope, if you don't know that joy, empowerment, bleief, or life that this new day can bring it's not too late. Jesus can bring you a new day right now, your own personal Easter.

Things to Watch For

You will know your congregation and what aspects they need to hear. This message can easily be tailored to continued transformation through the means of grace or towards a salvation message.

As always, I want to make it clear that not every single idea in here necessarily originated with me initially. Many ideas simply soak into you and you don't remember where you got them in a few years.

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This Message is part 8 of The Final Week of Jesus' Life: 168 message series.