A Faith's Beginnings

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A Faith's Beginnings
Length of Series 4
Intended Audience General
Setting Sunday Service

Goal for this Series

To find out how to be a Christian based on the first Christians

Unifying Characteristics

They are all based on the early parts of the book of Acts and the things that were going on with the Church at the very beginning after Jesus left. They're about how the Church and the early believers wrestled with what they needed to do and who they could and should be.

Things to Consider

There are a great many similarities between the Church in the Roman Era and today. There was a lot of questions about what Christianity meant in contrast with the other religions of the time, and how it fit into history. People didn't even really know what it could do for their lives yet.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Speaking ClearlyActs 41-15Our lives attract people to hear about God. That is our first witnessEvangelismBrian M
Church on a Bad DayActs 51-11Don't lie about where you are, admit it and keep growingPretending
Brian M
Selfishness and PrideActs 432-37We are to live in radical selflessness, giving to each otherGrace
Brian M
Learning to ListenActs 527-33We need to learn to pick out God's voice from among others, so we can follow God before all othersObedienceBrian M

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