A Conversation with Jesus

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A Conversation with Jesus
Text: John 8:12-59
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Light, Identity
Author: Jeff Mammen


We need to find our identity in Jesus and invest ourselves in Him to shine His light.

How to Get There

  • Jesus and the Jews here were having a really difficult conversation.
  • His opponents seemed to tune Jesus out after a bit. Sometimes our conversations with Jesus seem like that for one reason or another, they stop just short of having us ready to follow him.
  • In the Old Testament, the Israelites were led around by a pillar of fire. That kept them safe. It was God leading them, Israel's light.
  • Jesus says he is the light (verse 12)
  • When we follow Jesus we are seeing that Jesus was on the move to save us. He is the pillar of fire of the desert, the light, but not of the Israelites but of the world.
  • This light is promised to never go out. Darkness will never catch up with it, we will always have God with us, guidance is always promised us.
  • This light shows us life like it was supposed to be, life that will never end.
  • When we believe in Jesus, that light shines through our lives. We have that light in us illuminating the world.
  • A lot of believers don't think they can be clean, can't really get rid of darkness and live in the light. They don't believe this is possible.
    • They think something else can do it other than Jesus.
    • Or we have another identity for ourselves that doesn't let God work in us.
  • But we know the truth, that Jesus is God, come to save us. And that truth, as Jesus says, can set us free from the fear that paralyzes us, from the doubts that hold us back, from the negativities about ourselves and our potentials.
  • The more we live out the words, the more we are set free. Even a small step can start to set us free. We live in Jesus' words, meditate on them, and Jesus' life can set in us and can set us free.
  • But we must hold on. Always meditate on the word, always follow God. We can be a child of God instantly, but to truly be representatives of Jesus' light takes sustained work over a long time. It takes persistence and practice.
  • The truth will set us free as we wrap our lives around that truth, confessing that we need a savior, we need light because we are living in darkness.
  • We find our identity in Christ, not in anything else or we won't get very far with Jesus.
  • Jesus is higher than anything else, and with our identity on Jesus, we can go so far.

Things to Watch For

This is a very full passage. The first few verses are Jesus' statement, and everything else that folows is an ellaboration on verse 12 and a debate trying to prove that Jesus has the right to say what he did and can back it up.

Work righteousness is dangerous. There is a human element to be sure, but salvation itself comes from God and we cannot earn it and do not need to try.

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