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Length of Series 4
Intended Audience Adults
Setting Sunday Morning

Goal for this Series

To help give a church confidence to step out and act as God calls them.

Unifying Characteristics

This series was originally a series given as a new pastor started his new church. It was meant to show how the Church is powerful through God, and cannot be stopped when we act in God's power. This is to encourage a church that has been hurting as well as help a church step out and actually serve with confidence in new ways.

Many of the messages here build off and expand on the characteristics of a church's mission talked about in Unstoppable Mission.

Things to Consider

This series works best with changes in programs and ministries within the Church. Without changes, the enthusiasm of this series can be lost in the sameness of life.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Unstoppable David1 Samuel 171-51If God has called you, He has equipped you. So do it.EquippingSeud O'Nimmey
Unstoppable MissionLuke 1516We have a mission as the Church. Everything we do needs to be about that mission.Church
Seud O'Nimmey
A Wide Open DoorRevelation 38The door is open for us to grow and be like Christ, but we have to want it.GrowthSeud O'Nimmey
Equipped to MinisterLuke 191-10God has equippped you to get involved with people, so you can show them love and Christ.EvangelismDarren Bartholomew

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