Unequal Softball

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Unequal Softball
Topic Equipping
Group Size 10-40
Prep Time 20-60 min
Setting Outdoors
Age Group Any
The Point We need proper equipement to succeed in life, and in faith.

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Supplies Needed

Foam bat, Whiffle bat, Softballs (3), Regular aluminum bats, Regular gloves, Tee ball gloves, Catcher's gloves.

How to Set Up

Get a large field, an actual baseball field would be best. You need a full team's worth of good baseball equipment and a full team's worth of little kid plastic and foam equipment. Gather the players in the field and begin.

What Happens Then

You will play 2 full innings at least for this game and more if they are having fun and you have time. Team A will start out as offense and get the worst equipment for hitting a ball, which will be the foam bat and normal softballs. Team B will get normal/good defensive gloves and equipment. Team A should not do very well and when they get 3 normal outs they will then proceed to be defense.

As defense they will receive t-ball and catcher's gloves to play against team B at bat with normal bats and softballs. Team B should score a lot before they get to 3 outs, much to the frustration of team A. During the second inning you will switch roles and team B will get the bad offensive (although this time offensive equipment will be whiffle bat and koosh ball) and the bad defensive equipment as well. Both teams should learn the value of having the right equipment in order to succeed.

A short lesson or debriefing session will be important here so that you can talk about inferior versus good equipment and what good equipment in faith looks like.

This works well with some of the messages in The Armor of God message series.

Possible Problems

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