The Triumphal Entry

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The Triumphal Entry
Text: Mark 11:1-11
Occasion: Baptism
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Life Change
Author: Darren Bartholomew


Christ is making his triumphal entry today and everyone will make a decision about him. What will yours be?

How to Get There

  • Jesus was humbly recognized as royal with this entry.
    • He was the center of all attention, proclaimed a king through the actions of the people.
    • Jesus had never before allowed people to express aloud thoughts about him like this, let alone a display of such a level.
    • The disciples must have been thinking that this was his moment to rise to power and position.
  • But opinions change. People are fickle. JEsus went from glorified to vilified. Christ continued on and we need to as well. We need to live for an audience of one.
  • There are a lot of ups and downs in life, even for Jesus.
    • He came in worshiped, soon was killed. He came in praised and soon was cursed at,e tc.
    • But like Christ with his resurrection, there is a mountaintop waiting for us on the other side if we let Godsustain us.
  • Everyone had an opinion about Christ. Everyone will make a decision about God.
  • There were many levels of committment there when Jesus came in, just like with us today.
    • The critics, the crowd seeking a show, the curious wanting to know more, the committed followers, and the core disciples were all there.
    • Many different levels, but that all made a decision where they would be.
  • We all make decisions about where we want to be with Christ. Where will you be? Go deeper.
  • (Additional for baptism) These people have made a decision to become committed to Christ and his purposes. What decision have you made?

Things to Watch For

A contrast probably needs to be made here between Jesus' entry and the normal triumphal entry of a ruler. This is definitely a royal symbol, but how it compares to and especially is different from other royal entries is important. Captives weren't being led in front of him, but people he set free. Those that were blind and mute, lame and deaf were there as presentations of his triumphs.

Note that not all of the ideas presented are claimed to be original with this message.

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