The Final Week of Jesus' Life: 168

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The Final Week of Jesus' Life: 168
Length of Series 7
Intended Audience Adults
Setting Sunday Morning

Goal for this Series

To help people understand the explosive emotions and events of Jesus' last week.

Unifying Characteristics

168 The Final Week of Jesus' Life.png
This is a Lenton series based on Jesus' last week of life on earth, as recounted in the Gospel of Mark. More emotions, suspense, and drama occured in this last week than the rest of the New Testament combined.

It begins with Jesus' ministry at the top of his popularity, though the leaders were already plotting against him. But the people were adoring him, praising him. And yet it ends with those same people cheering on his death.

Things to Consider

Mark is usually not used during Lent because Easter is made more difficult so people might take a little getting used to reading Mark during this time. Also, this series does not deal with all of the traditional days of Lent (like Ash Wednesday). So if you celebrate those days you will need to create your own messages.

The sixth message in this series was actually a short series of messages on the Last Supper, Jesus' night of prayer, and Jesus being arrested. None of the messages given were preached by someone who has allowed their work to be used on this site yet and so will not be represented in this series.

Messages that Belong to this Series

And Along Came JesusMark 1046-52To Jesus everyone matters, and Jesus is ready to help us live our lives to the fullestHealingSeud O'Nimmy
The Triumphal EntryMark 111-11Christ is making his triumphal entry today and everyone will make a decision about him. What will yours be?Life ChangeDarren Bartholomew
The Jesus we Need to KnowMark 1115-18You are the temple of the living God, made to have relationship with Him.HolinessSeud O'Nimmy
A Lifestyle of GenerosityMark 1241-44We are to live generously, giving to God's plan so that we and others can know God's love.Generosity
Darren Bartholomew
Five Words of JesusMark 141-11Worship is using what we have in acts of love for God.WorshipDarren Bartholomew
The Day Jesus DiedLuke 2326-49Salvation is available to all of us, if we embrace his death.SalvationSeud O'Nimmy
A New DayLuke 241-12Christ's resurrection brings a new day for the world, and a new life for us.ResurrectionDarren Bartholomew

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