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''(All exit – Jason continues with the singing).''
''(All exit – Jason continues with the singing).''

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The Animal's Candle
Author: Glenn Small
Type: Puppets
Audience: Children
Occasion: Children's Church, Advent
Topic: The Angel's Candle
Bible Text:  :

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Brief Summary

This skit provides a vehicle for explaining advent and the angel's candle.


This is part of the Jordon River Puppet series. See that page for more information on characters and background to this series.

In this script: Morton and Moira the Pigs, Jason (or other leader), Fire Chief.

Props Needed

A window, single candle, matches, spray bottle, fence.


After the kids are seated, Jason reviews/asks about the advent candle that was lit in the main service.

Because today’s less is about the angel Gabriel, Jason decides that it would be a good idea to light the “Angel’s candle” again.

Jason: (Line at the end to cue the skit) As I light the candle you say “this is the angel’s candle.” Are you ready?

Chief: (coming out of the post office door) Hold on there, young fella. What have you got here?

Jason: Good morning Chief Fahrenheit, I was just about to light this advent candle.

(Jason lights a match but Fahrenheit uses his spray bottle to put it out)

Chief: Not so fast, there are safety regulations we need tot consider before we can allow an open flame in this public setting.

Jason: It’s just one little candle… (Lights another match, Fahrenheit puts it out again)

Chief: We still have rules here in Canaan County. Now, tell me what this Angel Candle is all about.

Jason: (briefly explains the Advent Candle)

  • During each of the four weeks before Christmas we light a different candle.
  • Each candle reminds us of a different part of the story.
  • This week we’re talking about the angels and their part in the story.

(Cue line) So is it OK if we light this candle? We’ll be real careful.

Chief: OK, I think that the Canaan County fire could would allow that. I’ll stand by, just in case.

(Chief Fahrenheit steps to the side of the set)

Jason: (to the kids) You say the name as I light the Candle…

Morton: (Appearing at the Center window before Jason can light the candle) Hey Jason, when do you light the Animal’s Candle?

Jason: I didn’t know there was an animal candle.

Morton: Oh sure, at least there should be. After all, there were lots of animals mentioned in the story. There were sheep in the fields with the shepherds.

Jason: Yeah, I know about those.

Morton: Later in the story the Wise Men probably came riding on camels.

Jason: OK…

Morton: And in the stable where Jesus was born were probably cows and donkeys and maybe even PIGS.

Jason: I don’t remember any pigs in the story.

Moira: (Appearing at the fence) Excuse me… do you have something against pigs? Because I’m pretty sure there were pigs in the story. After all, if there weren’t pigs in the story why do we sing about pigs in some of the songs?

Jason: There are pigs in the songs?

Morton: Sure there are… Haven’t you heard the song: “Away from the manger no pigs in his bed…”

Moira: And “Piggy’s from the Realm of Glory” that’s one of my favorites.

Morton: Yep, that’s a classic.

Moira: You better believe that it is. And what about the “Pigs from Omaha”?

Morton: Who could forget it? That’s everybody’s favorite song:

(Both sing to the tune of “We Three Kings”) We three pigs from Omaha are… bearing gifts we brought in our car.

Jason: OK stop it!

Moira: There’s one more.

Morton: You don’t mean…?

Moira: Of course I do, it’s the number one pig Christmas song of all times.

Morton and Moira: The Little Drummer Pig

Jason: OK, OK that’s enough… There might have been pigs in the stable but there are no pigs in any of the songs we sing at Christmas.

Morton: Are you sure?

Jason: Chief Fahrenheit, do you remember any Christmas songs with pigs in them?

Chief: I do king of like the Pigs from Omaha song.

Jason: Thanks a lot.

Chief: Glad I could help. So, are you going to light that candle or what?

Jason: Maybe we’ll just go right to the singing.

Morton: Do you take requests?

Jason: I’ve got one… How about… (Spoken) “Silent Night, Holy night, there is not a pig in sight.”

Moira: Is he saying that he wants us to leave?

Morton: I think that’s what he’s saying. Come on, let’s go make some pig-shaped Christmas cookies.

Moira: Good idea… oh and we could decorate them with pink frosting.

Chief: Sounds good, maybe I’ll join you.

(All exit – Jason continues with the singing).

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