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! Occasion:
! Occasion:
| {{#ask: {{#arraymap:{{{occasion|}}}|,|x|[[occasion::x]]| OR }}
| {{#ask: {{#arraymap:{{{occasion|}}}|,|x|[[occasion::x]] [[Category:!Message Idea| OR }}
  | limit=0
  | limit=0
  | searchlabel={{{occasion|}}}
  | searchlabel={{{occasion|}}}

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This is the 'Message Ideas Box' template. It should be called in the following format: (sort of, this needs fixing, though the template itself is fine. Just add an idea using the form and you should be fine.

{{Message Ideas Box
|Text (John 1:1, Genesis 1:1, etc)=
|Occasion (Christmas, baptism, communion, Easter, etc)=
|Audience (General, adult, children, youth,etc
|Theological Tradition (General, Wesleyan, Calvinist, Catholic, etc)=
|Topic (grace, repentence, forgiveness, etc)=
|Author (your name/Login ID)=
|In a sentence or two, what is the key point of this message?=
|What are the steps of getting from the text to your direction?=
|List any crucial issues that need to be noticed when creating this message=

Edit the page to see the template text.