Teen Purity Series

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Teen Purity Series
Length of Series 4
Intended Audience Teens
Setting Anywhere

Goal for this Series

Teach Teens God's Plan for them through Sexual Purity

Unifying Characteristics

God created sexuality and our sex drive, and so it is good. But what is His plan for us sexually as teenagers, young singles, and as married adults? Each message addresses one issue of Sexual Purity. The series goes through what is sexual purity, the consequences of how we live sexually, how to deal with temptation, and how to build healthy relationships now and for the future.

Things to Consider

You really need to think and pray this series through before, during and after you present it. It is very important to do and do well. I can almost guarantee that your teens are having their share of struggles in this area, but they need to be informed of dangers, be encouraged, and be given positive goals for their life. You will need to let the Holy Spirit guide you in directing the content and delivery of this series to your context. What needs to be said to my group may not necessarily need to be said to your group.

Inform your parents, and adult volunteers about the goal of the series and give an overview of the content. If they know before hand you can head off most potential backlash and they can have a chance to voice concerns and questions. I suggest having a parent and volunteer meeting a month before you start.

Also, I have found that it is important to be direct and honest when talking about sexuality with teens. They are surrounded by disinformation and warped perspectives and may be confused on important issues. We aren't here to teach Biology, but we do need to be able to answer their sincere questions appropriately. Try to avoid euphemisms and slang terms. Terms like rubbers, blow jobs, sleeping together, etc may confuse many in your group. Instead, use the terms oral sex, intercourse, condoms, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Masturbation, etc.

You also need to be informed of updated statistics on dating and teen sexuality. You will need to use a variety of sources, both secular and Christian to get an accurate perspective on the world your teens are living in.

One last point; you will probably have disruptions and a level of immaturity for specific teens in your group. Think about how you are going to deal with those situations so you don't get thrown off or flustered in the moment.

  • you might have a preemptive talk with a particular teen who likes to be the class clown or has a tendency to say the inappropriate
  • Establish in the beginning the topic and the behavior expectations you have. For instance we will not talk about or allude to specific people in our questions or discussions, we will not make lewd jokes, we will not disrupt, etc
  • you might consider removing from the room any teen who purposefully derails the message/dialogue on the 1st offense before it gets out of hand.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Sexual Purity1 Corinthians 618-20Learn What God's standards are for our sexualitySexual PurityWABuisman
Teen Purity: Consequences1 Corinthians 72-4To help Teens weigh the consequences of Sexual ImmoralitySexual PurityWABuisman
Teen Purity: Temptation1 Corinthians 1012-13How Teens can live Sexually PureTemptationWABuisman
Teen Purity: GirlsSong of Solomon 27Help Teenage Girls Understand God's Standard for themSexual PurityWABuisman

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