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For most pastors, the message itself dominates the services we have in our churches. The message usually gets the most attention and time devoted to it. But there are many other elements besides a message and music that can be incorporated into the service, especially when ministering to youth or children, or on special occasions and Christian holidays.

Often these Suppporting Elements in the service can be just as significant and meaningful as the message. But usually these elements help to support the message being given, whether by reinforcing the same occasion (ie Christmas or baptism), the topic of the message, or the Bible verse used. When you say the same message through not only a message but through other means as well you can only help to reinforce the point and have more people remember it better.

But to add another element to a service is very time intensive and often we simply can't do it on a regular basis. That's where this page comes in. Here you can find what others have come up with, and can contribute your own creations to help others as well.

Idea Headings

Drama - Dramas attempt to present a message in a way that connects with people and presents ideas in unusual ways. It could be through humurously presenting a message with comedic skits, through puppets, dramatic readings, or a shocking or moving play.

Experiential Learning – Games and illustrations are good. But if we can not just entertain but teach and transform that is so much better. Here is a collection of meaningful events and ideas that help people learn through doing. After all, if a game or activity is going to happen anyway it might as well not just illustrate a point, but teach it as well.

Images - - One of the most expensive areas for churches to get into is images. To be legal, they often cost a great deal. But there are also many photographers, artists, and designers who are willing to share their work with others. These images are provided free under Creative Commons License, so use them all you want without making money from them or claiming them to be anything other than the artist's who made them.

Liturgy - Most of our services don't have scripts, and are unique for each service and each church. Liturgy are scripts for those special events and times where it is more important to tap into the sacred and the Church than it is to be unique. Liturgy can range from baptism liturgy or Advent ceremonies to Wedding scripts and arrangements for membership.