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For week to week services and messages, it is important that our people hear a word God has given to us, not to someone else. It is the personal touch of a pastor who knows the people and speaks from the heart that is so effective at weekly messages.

But there are also times in the life of the Church where the focus isn't on what God has given the pastor, but on something special. It could be a drama that tells the story. Or it could be that the service is about a special time of life, like a wedding or a funeral. Or it could be a holiday service, a time when the service is tailored to tie in with the history of the Church instead of the individuals today.

These are services that not only do we use scripts for, but people expect us to be using them. There is often a message connected to the service as well, and that is something that still needs to be developed by the pastor, though Message Ideas that relate to the Special Service are linked.

So here are some scripts from a variety of special services. Please feel free to add any of your own as well. We just ask that you don't post anything you don't have rights to, and that you do not post full text included messages, but instead post them in the Message Ideas section and link to them.

To create a new Special Service Idea, type the title into the box below.


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A Gift Just for YouThis sets up telling the story of the magi coming to baby Jesus, and that gifts are for good and for free.PuppetsMagiChildren's Church
A Perfect Place to LiveTwo characters talk about how wonderful where they live in, and how great Eden was. It is designed merely to prepare for the story of Eden to be told.PuppetsEdenChildren's Church
Back to my HometownA traveler has to go home to pay taxes, which sets up for an introduction of May and Joseph's story.Comedic SkitThe Bethlehem CandleChildren's Church
Christmas CardsTwo people talk about how the prophets told us Jesus would come way before he was ever born, setting up a discussion on Advent and prophecy.Comedic SkitThe Prophet's Candle
Children's Church
First Things FirstThis script briefly describes the story of Enoch in a lighter, more modern, setting.PuppetsFaithfulnessChildren's Church
Hole-ee-nessAn offering box is passed and almost everything gets put inside, including a person. One character learns that tithing is the beginning of giving to God, not the end.Comedic SkitTithes
How Not to Hook Someone UpA man tries to get a stranger to marry a women, using the worst methods possible, but all ways that we use to try and get people to build a relationship with God.Comedic SkitEvangelismGeneral
Let's Go SeeTwo puppets talk about how if we want something we go for find it, not just sit.PuppetsThe Shepherd's CandleChildren's Church
Pie ContestA character learns that rules are there for a reason. If we follow God's rules, we are accepted.PuppetsRules
Children's Church
Puppets:CrucifixionTwo puppet are talking about Good Friday and Easter, by trying to crucify one of them.PuppetsCrucifixionGood Friday
Puppets:Did Somebody Say LunchSome characters discuss food and how food can't be spread further than it was intended for.PuppetsFeeding the 5000Children's Church
Puppets:Fishers of MenA puppet learns that fishing for men is about living so that people can see us.PuppetsEvangelismGeneral
Puppets:Sacrificial LambA man learns that Christ is our lamb, we don't have to sacrifice anymore.PuppetsSalvation
The Angels' StoryWhat if the angels that Christmas night had gone to other people as well as shepherds and none of them had listened?Readers TheaterChristmas
The Animal's CandleThis skit provides a vehicle for explaining advent and the angel's candle.PuppetsThe Angel's CandleChildren's Church
The Longest NightThis is the story of the crossing of the Red Sea as told from an average Israelite.Readers TheaterMiraclesGeneral
There's a Storm ComingSome characters learn that they can calm a verbal storm, paving the way for Jesus to calm a real one.PuppetsCalming a stormChildren's Church
Ticket to HeavenGuy suddenly dies and finds himself outside the gates of heaven with all his earthly junk. He sees others getting into heaven and tries to go into heaven himself, but St. Peter stops him because he can't bring in all that junk. Finally Jesus comes on the scene and helps him out. However he still isn't able to get into heaven and figures out that it's because he doesn’t know Jesus.Comedic SkitHeavenGeneral
Walking on WaterA humorous retelling of Peter trying to walk on water to Jesus.PuppetsFaithGeneral
What's all the NoiseThis is a skit purely to introduce the story of Jesus' healing of a paralytic. It does not tell the story, but prepares the way.PuppetsHealing of the ParalyticChildren's Church
Where Can I Buy One of ThoseA character tries to buy a miracle and learns they are special from God.PuppetsMiraclesChildren's Church

Liturgy for Services

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1st Sunday of AdventAdventTraditionalAdventGeneralCandles
2nd Sunday of AdventAdventTraditionalAdventGeneralCandles
3rd Sunday of AdventAdventTraditionalAdventGeneralCandles
4th Sunday of AdventAdventTraditionalAdventGeneralCandles
Communion LiturgyCommunionTraditionalGeneralGeneralBread
Covenant Renewal ServiceCovenant RenewalTraditionalChurchWesleyanCandles
Holy Communion LiturgyCommunionLiturgicalInsideProtestantconfession
Membership LiturgyMembershipModernGeneralWesleyanVows
Modern Baptism LiturgyBaptismModernGeneralGeneralWater
Modernized Nazarene MembershipMembershipTraditionalGeneralWesleyanVows
Remembering Passover CommunionPassover, EasterInformalGeneralGeneralcommunion
Simple WeddingWeddingSimplified TraditionalGeneralGeneralRings
Unity Candle