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Abraham's Journeys - GitW.pngAbraham
Angel Falls.JPGAngel Falls near Salem OregonWaterfallImage
Answer Your PrayerWith God's guidance we are not only to say prayers, but answer them for others.PrayerAdultsMessage Idea
Armored RighteousnessWe cannot be righteous through our own efforts, but God can make us righteous.RighteousnessGeneralMessage Idea
Big Actions, Little ActionsWe can't do everything, but we can do enough with God's guidance.Depression
GeneralMessage Idea
Church on a Bad DayDon't lie about where you are, admit it and keep growingPretending
GeneralMessage Idea
Disbanding ArmiesForgiveness is letting go, and we have to do it to know we are forgivenForgivenessAdultsMessage Idea
Do Not Stop on the WayWe have a mission from God and nothing, not even good things, should distract us from that.MissionAdultsMessage Idea
Forest Canopy.JPGA picture looking upwards at the forest canopy in Oregon.Forest
Foxglove on the Tundra.jpgA picture of a foxglove on the tundra take outside Nome Alaska in summer.FlowersImage
God is a RealistGod deals with the real world, what is really possible. And God says "be perfect".Perfection
AdultsMessage Idea
Healing Inside FirstGet forgiven and healed inside first, the outside stuff can come laterHealing
Adults, YouthMessage Idea
Hole-ee-nessAn offering box is passed and almost everything gets put inside, including a person. One character learns that tithing is the beginning of giving to God, not the end.Tithes
How Not to Hook Someone UpA man tries to get a stranger to marry a women, using the worst methods possible, but all ways that we use to try and get people to build a relationship with God.EvangelismAdultsDramas
Kingdom ComeJoin in with what God is doing. Prayer is making God's will real here.PrayerAdultsMessage Idea
Learning to ListenWe need to learn to pick out God's voice from among others, so we can follow God before all othersObedienceGeneralMessage Idea
MiraclesYou find the miracles you look for. You can choose to make something significant or to let it slide by.MiraclesYouth, adultMessage Idea
Multnomah Falls in Winter.JPGA picture of Multnomah falls near Portland Oregon on a snowy day.Winter
Nothing to Divide UsNo matter what tries to divide us into little groups, we are ONE in Christ.UnityYouthMessage Idea
Oregon Lighthouse.JPGA distance shot of an Oreon Coast lighthouseOcean
Personal SlaveryOne sin makes us a slave to it, we need freedom from Christ.Slavery
GeneralMessage Idea
Perspective Forest.JPGA shot of the Pactific rainforest in OregonForest
Prepare the WayWe are to prepare the way for God, not the other way around.PreparationAdultsMessage Idea
Redeeming RuthBoaz wanted to redeeem Ruth, God wants to redeem usRedeemerGeneralMessage Idea
Scales Balanced.pngA balanced CG scaleTruth
Scales Tilted.pngA tilted CG scaleTruth
Seeing in the DarkYou can be blessed and at peace in this world if you let go and let God lead you.Light
AdultsMessage Idea
Selfishness and PrideWe are to live in radical selflessness, giving to each otherGrace
GeneralMessage Idea
Shoshone Falls.JPGShoshone Falls in Idaho on a rare full run dayWaterfallImage
Speaking ClearlyOur lives attract people to hear about God. That is our first witnessEvangelismGeneralMessage Idea
StandingWe can only survive this life by standing where God puts us.ObedienceAdultsMessage Idea
Studying.jpegA (staged) snapshot of a pastors desk while prepping for a sermon.StudyImage
Sunset Lighthouse 1.jpgA lighthouse on the Oregon coast at sunsetlighthouseImage
Sunset Lighthouse 2.JPGA lighthouse backlit by the setting sunLighthouse
Sword TrainingPrayer cannot be something we only do with our eyes closed but a way of life.TeamworkGeneralMessage Idea
Take It UpWe have incredible spiritual possibilities before us, but we have to use them.Growth
GeneralMessage Idea
Testudo of FaithAs Christians, we are made to support and take care of each otherFaith
GeneralMessage Idea
Thanks for the Small ThingsWhen we have the least is when we most need to be giving thanks to God.ThankfulnessAdultsMessage Idea
The Angels' StoryWhat if the angels that Christmas night had gone to other people as well as shepherds and none of them had listened?Christmas
The Great ReversalThrough God, the smallest thing can be bigger than an empire.Value
GeneralMessage Idea
The Longest NightThis is the story of the crossing of the Red Sea as told from an average Israelite.MiraclesAdultsDramas
Timing is EverythingIf you need to do something with God, do it here and now. Don't wait.Action
GeneralMessage Idea
Tried to see JesusTo Jesus, all people are of equal importance, and they should be to us too.EvangelismGeneralMessage Idea
Walking on WaterA humorous retelling of Peter trying to walk on water to Jesus.FaithYouh, AdultsDramas
Waves of FearWe are not alone, the demons are, only fear can stop usFearAdultsMessage Idea
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