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Length of Series 7
Intended Audience Adults
Setting Sunday Morning

Goal for this Series

To help people know the various roles that God has in our lives.

Unifying Characteristics

These messages are all based on the traditional "Names" or "titles" that we have given to God. This is not a series focused on the Tetragammaton given to Moses, but on the various ways that God interacts with us, through the role of proivder, comforter, healer, etc.

Things to Consider

Some understanding of the Hebrew and Greek words these messages are based on would be a very good idea.

Messages that Belong to this Series

Jehovah - Jireh, ProviderGenesis 221-14God wants to be who we turn to for our provision in life.ProvisionDick Emery
Jehovah - Rophe, HealerJohn 51-15God wants to be the healer of every aspect of your life.HealingDick Emery
Jehovah - Rohi, ShepherdPsalm 231-6We find contentment only when we accept God as our shepherdContentment
Dick Emery
Jeshua - SaviorMatthew 118-25Jesus brought all we need, embodies all we need as a savior.JesusDick Emery
Zoe - LifeJohn 111-44Jesus is Life, come to bring life and overcome fear and even death itselfLife
Dick Emery
Anatole - HopeLuke 176-79We cannot live without hope. Christ gives hope, casting out despair and fear.Hope
Dick Emery
El-Shaddai - EnoughIsaiah 96God is enough and more. In His we find everything we need.Providence
Having Enough
Dick Emery

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