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Sometimes you aren't just looking for a single message, but a series of messages. That is what this page is for. Here you can find other people's message series, or add a series of your own.

On each message series page is a description of the series, and links to all of the individual message ideas that make up that series. To create a new series, just fill out the form below.

Message Series

 Goal for SeriesAudienceSetting
A Faith's BeginningsTo find out how to be a Christian based on the first ChristiansGeneralSunday Service
A Unified ChurchTo help the Church stand togetherAdultsSunday Morning
Christmas is Not your Birthdayto help people make Christmas about Christ and not ourselves.AdultsSunday Morning
Everyday Scenario SurvivalTo equip grade school kids for everyday situationsChildrenChildren's Church
Ezekiel, A Hard Headed ProphetTo show that God meets people, then and now.AdultsSunday Service
Luke: Advent to EasterTo take readers through the entire life story of Jesus through the book of Luke.GeneralSunday morning
Saving RuthTo help people see that God is interested in our lives.AdultsGeneral
SignaturesTo teach people the different ways that God wants to sign His name in our lives.AdultsSunday Morning
Teen Purity SeriesTeach Teens God's Plan for them through Sexual PurityTeensAnywhere
The Armor of GodTo teach the armor of God as a model for Christian living.AdultsSunday Service
The Final Week of Jesus' Life: 168To help people understand the explosive emotions and events of Jesus' last week.AdultsSunday Morning
UnstoppableTo help give a church confidence to step out and act as God calls them.AdultsSunday Morning