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Pastors rarely work well in isolation. Whatever situation we find ourselves in we tend to look for advice, support, and ideas from various places. We look for linguistic insight from commentaries, we call up pastors for insight on specific situations, we look for culturally relevant ideas online, and we listen to other pastors in books, cds, DVD's, podcasts, blogs, conferences, and more.

There is such a wealth of information out there on some topics that sometimes finding the best resource to use is difficult. We don't want to wade through every link and every book just to find the few that are really exceptional. And each pastors is also a wealth of ideas and insights from their own experience.

That's where this page comes in. This section is designed to be a place to find all sorts of resources that others have made. This ranges from curriculum and essays hosted on this site to some of the best websites online, best books in print, best conferences, and more. Anything that you have found very helpful and you feel can help a fellow pastor belongs here.

Through the essays section you can also submit ideas and insights from your own experiences as pastors and leaders to help others who don't have the same set of experiences and knowledge as you do.

Hosted Resources

Curriculum - This is an incredibly important part of what goes on in the church. We need lesson plans for Sunday school Bible studies, retreats, small groups and more. Yet it can also be incredibly expensive. This is our collection of free curriculums that other leaders have made and used successfully in their own ministry.

Essays on Ministry – As pastors, we have all learned different things, and we all still need to learn different things. Here are some essays on various aspects of ministry, from pastors who have been there. From how to incorporate a church, to how to protect your children, to ideas for weddings. We all have learned different things, but we all need help on some areas of ministry that we haven't dealt with before or need fresh ideas about.

Prayers - There is real power in prayer, but it is easy to get in a rut and miss actually communing with God. This pagae has written prayers from throughout history as well as alternative prayer experiences to help you experience prayer in new ways.

External Resources

In order to keep these pages containing only links and resources of high quality, please also rate those external resources that you are have used so that others can be better informed about their usefulness.

Books - The classic resource for all pastors. What American pastor doesn't have a few thousand books lying around the office? But of those, only a few are resources that realy changed our outlook or the way we do ministry. Here is some of those books.

Web Links - The internet has become a very easy and convenient resource for many pastors. But Christians aren't very good about advertising online and many of the best sites remain unknown to us. Here are those sites that other pastors have found to be most helpful.

Podcasts - Sometimes one of the hardest things about being a pastor is not having someone to pastor us. Listening to other pastors on podcasts and vodcasts can help with that. These are direct links to downloadable and subscribable podcasts.

Conferences - In addition to reading and listening, sometimes we can get together with other pastors and learn in person. Here are some of the best conferences that are going on.

Pastoral Gatherings - Many cities and towns have regular times when pastors get together for support and prayer. Here are some gatherings around the nation that you might not know about but be able to join.