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This property is a String type, which is a technical designation that allows it to not be a link, but be sortable.

Pages using the property "MS Goals"

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A Faith's Beginnings +To find out how to be a Christian based on the first Christians  +
A Unified Church +To help the Church stand together  +


Christmas is Not your Birthday +to help people make Christmas about Christ and not ourselves.  +


Everyday Scenario Survival +To equip grade school kids for everyday situations  +
Ezekiel, A Hard Headed Prophet +To show that God meets people, then and now.  +


Luke: Advent to Easter +To take readers through the entire life story of Jesus through the book of Luke.  +


Saving Ruth +To help people see that God is interested in our lives.  +
Signatures +To teach people the different ways that God wants to sign His name in our lives.  +


Teen Purity Series +Teach Teens God's Plan for them through Sexual Purity  +
The Armor of God +To teach the armor of God as a model for Christian living.  +
The Final Week of Jesus' Life: 168 +To help people understand the explosive emotions and events of Jesus' last week.  +


Unstoppable +To help give a church confidence to step out and act as God calls them.  +