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Back to the Main Prayers Page This is an introspective prayer or examine, where people look at pieces of their lives in the light of what God sees there.

Instruct participants that this is an experiment of prayer. Explain what will happen in each phase of the prayer ie 1st time through they listen and watch, 2nd time through they repeat phrases and motions after leader, 3rd time they do motions only as leader speaks phrases, 4th time all do motions only at their own pace listening for God to prompt them to stop and pray at any particular sense that needs His touch, cleansing, etc.


Christ be in my heart and my feeling (hands over heart)

Christ be in my Life and my living (hands over mid-upper chest)

Christ be in my ears and my hearing (hands over ears)

Christ be in my mouth and my speaking (hands over mouth)

Christ be in my eyes and my seeing (hands over eyes)

Christ be in my mind and my thinking (hands over head)