Pie Contest

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Pie Contest
Author: Glenn Small
Type: Puppets
Audience: Children
Occasion: Children's Church
Topic: Rules, Law
Bible Text: Genesis 4:1-16

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Brief Summary

A character learns that rules are there for a reason. If we follow God's rules, we are accepted.


This is part of the Jordon River Puppet series. See that page for more information on characters and background to this series.

In this script: Moira the Pig, Finn, Jason (or other leader)

Props Needed

Post Office Window, Fence


Part One

As the first song is ending, Moira appears at the fence

Moira: I really love that sons; it’s oe of my favorites you know. (Begins singing – slightly out of tune)

Jason: Oh, good morning Moira.

Moira: Don’t you just love that song? I could just sing that one all day long. (Begins singing again)

Jason: Well that certainly wa a joyful noise.

Moira: Jason, did you hear the good news? I’ve been selected as one of the judges for the pie contest!

Jason: There’s a pie contest?

Moira: Well of course there is. It’s part of the founder’s day festival and I get to be the head judge, do you know what that means?

Jason: (unsure) It means that you’re the judge who is in charge?

Moira: Well yeah, but more than that…

Jason: That it’s your job to make sure the contest runs smoothly.

Moira: There is that… but there’s something else.

Jason: That you get to give out the prizes.

Moira: Naturally, but I was thinking of something else…

Jason: What else is there?

Moira: I get to taste every pie in the contest!

Jason: Wow, I never thought of that, and if you want seconds… I guess that would be OK, because you’re the judge.

Moira: Oh, there will be seconds… and thirds. I take my job seriously.

Jason: So what are the rules of this pie contest?

Moira: There are only two rules, but they must be followed exactly. Rule number one, it has to be a homemade pie – no store-bought pies are allowed.

Jason: And the second rule?

Moira: Rule number two is that it has to be a fruit pie, no cream pies or chocolate pies or pumpkin pies or meat pies or broccoli pies will be allowed in the contest.

Jason: Broccoli pies? Who makes broccoli pies?

Moira: Well, I don’t know, but if they did it wouldn’t be acceptable in Founder’s Days pie contest.

Jason: When does the contest take place?

Moira: that’s one of the best parts. Contestants can bring me their pie any time between now and the end of the festival, and since the festival is extra long this year, that means I get to enjoy delicious berry pies for weeks! I love my job!

Jason: Wow, how can I become a pie judge too?

Moira: Worry, the job is already taken, and there may not be any openings on the judges panel for years. I have to get going now, there may be some pies for me to eat… and judge.

Moira exits Jason continues with the singing time

Part Two

After the second set of songs, Jason rolls up the screen and discovers Finn a the Post Office Window.

Jason: Oh, Finn, I didn’t expect to see you there. How are you this morning?

Finn: (Obviously upset) How am I? How am I?

Jason: Yeah, how am I.. I mea how am you… how are you?

Finn: You want to know ho I am. I’m so angry I could… I could… I’m so angry I could do something, but I don’t know what it is… that’s how angry I am.

Jason: Wow, that’s pretty angry alright, but you don’t look angry.

Finn: Oh, I’m angry alright, look at my face, doesn’t that look like an angry face to you? (Finn stares at Jason – but of course his expression doesn’t change)

Jason: Hmmm… Maybe a little. But Finn, why are you so angry?

Finn: I’ve been rejected, can you believe it? Rejected!

Jason: what do you mean? Who rejected you?

Finn: Not me personally, my pie, they rejected my pie.

Jason: Oh, your pie – for the pie contest.

Finn: Just like that, they said my pie wasn’t acceptable.

Jason: Why, what happened?

Finn: I don’t know! My pie was a work of art, a master piece, a sure winner and they wouldn’t even let me enter it. And now I’m so angry I could… I could say ARG!

Jason: Go ahead

Finn: (Loudly) ARRRG

Jason: Do you feel better?

Finn: (Sheepishly) No, I’m still angry.

Jason: what kind of pie did you enter?

Finn: It was my master piece! An extra creamy, extra-chocolate-y, extra large, Killer Cream Pie. It was going to win for sure – I guess the other contestants heard about it and they’re just jealous.

Jason: But the rules said only fruit pies are allowed.

Finn: sure that’s what the rules said, but my pie was special, a work of art.

Jason: But there are rules…

Finn: Yeah but rules are made to be broken, right?

Jason: No, rules are made to be followed.

Finn: So now what am I supposed to do?

Jason: You could make another pie and this time make one that fits within the rules.

Finn: Do you think that would help?

Jason: I’m pretty sure that if you do what is right you’ll feel a lot better.

Finn: But what should I do with my Killer Cream Pie?

Jason: You could donate it to someone who loves extra creamy, extra chocolate-y, extra large pies? …Someone who listens to you when you’re angry and gives you a good advice…

Finn: Of course, what was I thinking? Thanks Jason, you’ve been a big help. I’ll see you later.

Jason: Wait, where are you going?

Finn: I’m going to find Abby, she loves my Killer Cream Pie. See ya…

Jason: But I was talking about… never mind.

Segue into Lesson

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