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Book Number 50
Testament New
Number of Chapters 4
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Literary Genre Pauline Epistle
References Used Bibliography: Philippians

Philippians was written by Paul while he was imprisoned by the Romans. Paul sent the letter with Epaphroditus to thank the church for the gifts the church in Philippi had sent Paul while in prison.

This is an extremely warm and affectionate letter, arguably the most optimistic and encouraging book in the Bible. Paul gives personal greetings to members of the church in Philippi, and encourages them that even in jail his ministry is still going on and that his faith and hope is in God.

The primary warning or admonition that Paul gives is to watch out for those people who want to make Christianity into Judaism. This book also contains one of the most famous and most debated passages in the New Testament, the Christ hymn of 2:5-11.

Listed Below are the chapters of this book that already have commentary on them. If you do not see the chapter you are wanting to contribute to, please add it by using the box below.

Chapters With Commentary

Philippians 2