Nothing to Divide Us

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Nothing to Divide Us
Text: Ephesians 2:11-22
Occasion: General
Audience: Youth
Theological Tradition: General
Topic: Unity
Author: Brian M


No matter what tries to divide us into little groups, we are ONE in Christ.

How to Get There

  • This was a Church divided. Out of hundreds of commands in the Old Testament, the Jews had made circumcision their most important. If you were circumcised you were in and if you weren't you were out.
  • It was a petty, outward sign, but if you didn't have it they looked down on you, excluded you.
  • We have a lot that divides us too. Money, fame, popularity, a good car, good looks, our grades, almost anything can divide us and make us feel inferior if we don't have it.
  • It's easy to rank people without even really meaning to, and look down on them because they don't measure up. And it hurts when people do that to you.
  • So often, one single thing can dominate how we see people, how they see us. The most minor things can make us feel worthless, can divide us.
  • It was like that here, they were kicked out because of one little physical difference that no one could see. And despite being believers, they were only seen as being uncircumcised.
  • Paul says that is wrong. We are one in Christ, all differences, all bitterness, everything is put aside in Christ.
  • Being part of Jesus is more important than anything else. There is nothing that can make you unworthy with Christ, nothing that makes you superior.
  • We are one and God, through Paul, expects us to act like that. Whether we are being defined by others or looking down on others ourselves, it must end.
  • It doesn't matter what we have or what we're part of. In Christ, we are family and together building a house for God with our lives.
  • We are equals, we are one. Don't act any other way, and don't believe it when anyone says something else about you.

Things to Watch For

This is not a message about how everyone is a believer, or how everything should be tolerated. That isn't what Paul was talking about. He was simply saying that if you are reborn in Christ, there is nothing you can have that will diminish from that or make you better than that. It unites us.

This message can easily be about individuals or groups uniting together and overcoming differences. Paul dips in and out of the plural, talking about the Church and the people within it.

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