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(Applause, cheering, and as much exuberant welcome as you are comfortable with)
(Applause, cheering, and as much exuberant welcome as you are comfortable with)
(Credit for this Liturgy goes to [[User:Brian M]])

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Modern Baptism Liturgy
Occasion: Baptism
Theological Tradition: General
Setting: General
Style: Modern

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Elements of the Event

Water, vows

Event Liturgy

Minister (to the congregation): When Jesus was ready to publicly begin his service to God he went to someone who was already serving God and asked to be baptized. It wasn’t that Jesus didn’t love and serve God before he was baptized, but his baptism was the time when Jesus stepped forward to tell the world that he would spend his life and his energies in serving God.

And for two thousand years, Jesus’ followers have been doing the same thing. There comes a point in every believer’s live where it is time to make a statement that serving God isn’t something you do for a moment and move on, but that we are dedicating our lives to our Lord. That is baptism. By going under the water we symbolically shed our old lives, our old priorities, our old way of doing things, our sins and our pains. And by coming back out, we proudly proclaim, through Jesus’ cleansing power, that we are going to serve our God.

Today we have several people who are ready to make that statement, who are ready to stand in a long line of people and to make their faith, their changed lives, and their dedication to God public through baptism.

(Bring forward the baptismal candidates and anyone who came with them)

Minister (to candidates): Baptism is not something that we do alone. We are baptized into a church, into a community of people and that community has a role in our lives, supporting us as we try to serve God.

Minister (to the congregation): Do you accept your role in these people’s lives? Will you promise to nurture their faith and help them as they strive to live their lives in service to God? If so answer, “We will”.

Congregation: We will

(Introduce the candidates, and have them tell a bit about their story coming to this point in their lives, also why the people with them are there. After each candidate is done, give applause and then they leave to get ready. After all the candidates are done, the minister goes to the baptistery/river).

Minister (to each individual candidate as they come forward): You are here today to start a new life within the Christian community, with all of its’ weaknesses, all of its’ strengths, and within the faith it represents. Will you be baptized into this faith and this community?

Candidate: I will.

Minister: Do you claim Jesus as your savior and are you ready to die to old your sins and begin a new life in Christ?

Candidate: I am.

Minister: Will you dedicate your life to following and serving God, both publicly and privately?

Candidate: I will.

(If the person came with someone who led them to the lord you can have them baptize the person with you as representatives of how our faith is shaped by our community)

Minister: Then I baptize you in the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Spirit. Sharing in his death (dip the person under the water) so that you can also share in the resurrection (lift them back out.)

Minister: welcome brother/sister. Let’s welcome them.

(Applause, cheering, and as much exuberant welcome as you are comfortable with)

(Credit for this Liturgy goes to User:Brian M)

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