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Zoe - LifeEasterAdultsLife
Jesus is Life, come to bring life and overcome fear and even death itselfDick Emery
Your PurposeGeneralchildren/youthGod's purpose for our livesHelping preteens to find their identity in Christ. What God wants from them and why they were created.
Will It BlendGeneralChildrenMaterialismCan we, as Christians, buy into the cultural idea of materialism?
Why is there a need for forgiveness?GeneralAdultsForgivenessPeople will understand why there is a need for forgiveness.
Where is God Now?GeneralAdultsImmanence
God doesn't need a sacred place, he makes the place, and us, sacred.Edwin Weaver
What shall I Do?AdultsGivingWhat we have is really God's and is to be used wisely to further God's work.George Lyons
What a Disciples Valued MostGeneralGeneralSelf-Identity
Our self-worth is found in how significant we are to Jesus and He is to us.Jeff Mammen
What Makes Love LastGeneralAdultsLoveGod lovingly entered our lives and as that love grows in us we can enter others' lives and love them too.Jeff Mammen
What Love Can DoGeneralAdultTheodicy
God is at work in even the worst circumstances of our life, through the people around us and the seemingly ordinary things of life.George Lyons
What Do we Do When No One is Looking?GeneralAdultsCovenantGod follows His covenant, and will never abandon loving us back into it ourselves.Edwin Weaver
Waves of FearGeneralAdultsFearWe are not alone, the demons are, only fear can stop usBrian M
Walking in ObedienceAdventGeneralObedience
Mary and Joseph surrendered their rights in order to serve God. We must follow God with the same passion.
Victory over Hidden Things in our LivesGeneralAdultsHumility
God can deliver you from the hidden sin in your life.Seud O'Nimmy
Unwanted BlessingsChristmasAdultsBlessings
Having Jesus didn't seem like a blessing, but Mary rejoiced in faith.None Given
Unstoppable MissionGeneralAdultsChurch
We have a mission as the Church. Everything we do needs to be about that mission.Seud O'Nimmey
Unstoppable DavidGeneralAdultsEquippingIf God has called you, He has equipped you. So do it.Seud O'Nimmey
living in peach
How much turbulence do you leave behindDavid Mackey
Trying Templates OutAdventsdCrucifixion
xcyour name
Tried to see JesusGeneralGeneralEvangelismTo Jesus, all people are of equal importance, and they should be to us too.Brian M
Timing is EverythingGeneralGeneralAction
If you need to do something with God, do it here and now. Don't wait.Brian M
The Way Up is DownGeneralGeneralCommunity
A community of believers is strong when we take on Jesus' humilityJeff Mammen
The Triumphal EntryGeneralLife ChangeChrist is making his triumphal entry today and everyone will make a decision about him. What will yours be?Darren Bartholomew
The Sickness Within: PrideGeneralAdultsPridePride seperates us from God and others.Darren Bartholomew
The ShemaGeneralAdultGodThe Shema is the basis, the foundation of our faithD. Mackey
The Seven Demotions of ChristGeneralAdultsHumility
We are to surrender our lives to the father's purposes, just like Christ.Seud O'Nimmy
The RobeGeneralAdultsParenting
Jealousy can destroy a family. As parents we are to share our love uniquely to each child.Seud O'Nimmy
The RaceGeneralGeneralGrace
Sin breaks us, but God's grace steadily restores us to true humanity.Jeff Mammen
The Promise of PentecostPentecostGeneralObediencePentecost birthed the Church, and empowered the people to be the obedient people of God they could never be before.George Lyons
The Nature of GodGeneralGeneralSacrifice
Jesus emptied himself not in spite of being God, but because he was God.None Given
The King who Conquers by DyingPalm SundayAdultsTrust
Jesus does not save us how we want Him to, but how we need Him to.Jeff Mammen
The Jesus we Need to KnowGeneralAdultsHolinessYou are the temple of the living God, made to have relationship with Him.Seud O'Nimmy
The High Price of SilenceGeneralGeneralConfessionHiding our sins never works, but confession will bring happiness.Dick Emery
The Great ReversalChristmasGeneralValue
Through God, the smallest thing can be bigger than an empire.Brian M
The Gift of SightGeneralGeneralServiceChrist heals us so that we will work for the needs of others with what we have.George Lyons
The GiftChristmasGeneralLove
Jesus coming is the one gift God couldn't afford, it truly shows love.None Given
The Day Jesus DiedAdultsSalvationSalvation is available to all of us, if we embrace his death.Seud O'Nimmy
The Cure for HurryitisGeneralAdultsTimeWe must invest our time in what and who are important or we will lose them.Seud O'Nimmey
Thanks for the Small ThingsGeneralAdultsThankfulnessWhen we have the least is when we most need to be giving thanks to God.Brian M
Testudo of FaithGeneralGeneralFaith
As Christians, we are made to support and take care of each otherBrian M
Test the SpiritsGeneralAdults, youthChecking who's a ChristianFalse teachers are with us, how to sort them outD. Mackey
Teen Purity: TemptationGeneralYouthTemptationHow Teens can live Sexually PureWABuisman
Teen Purity: GirlsGeneralYouth, GirlsSexual PurityHelp Teenage Girls Understand God's Standard for themWABuisman
Teen Purity: ConsequencesGeneralYouthSexual PurityTo help Teens weigh the consequences of Sexual ImmoralityWABuisman
Take It UpGeneralGeneralGrowth
We have incredible spiritual possibilities before us, but we have to use them.Brian M
Sword TrainingGeneralGeneralTeamworkPrayer cannot be something we only do with our eyes closed but a way of life.Brian M
Surprising Good NewsChristmasAdultsSurprisesAppearances are deceiving. All that matters is that God is there.George Lyons
Still GodGeneralGeneralHuman Nature
We’re humans and will always be error prone humans. God is God and loves and forgives us anyway.D. Mackey
Standing Up for GodGeneralGeneralWitness
Standing up for God in an un-godly CultureWABuisman
StandingGeneralAdultsObedienceWe can only survive this life by standing where God puts us.Brian M
Stand SteadfastGeneralAdultsCompromise
If we accomodate and compromise we will rot away. As a Church we should standfast and practice tough love.Dick Emery
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