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|title=The Belt of Truth
|title=The Belt of Truth
|lesson number=1
|lesson number=1
|chapter=Ephesian 6
|chapter=Ephesians 6

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Meet Me in the Armory
Author(s) Margie Wall, Nancy Hale, Fran Roads
Audience Women, Adults
Setting Bible Study
Occasion General
Length of Series 7

A Brief Description of the Curriculum

A study of Ephesians 6, the armor of God.

Series Information/Overview

There is one image for each of the lessons that illustrates the piece of armor in question. There is less uniformity in

General purpose files needed for the Curriculum

Lesson 1: The Belt of Truth

Lesson 2: The Beastplate of Righteousness

Lesson 3: Footgear

Lesson 4: Shield of Faith

Lesson 5: The Helmet of Salvation

Lesson 6: Sword of the Spirit

Lesson 7: Prayer