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Well you're here, that means you found our site. Unfortunately, you weren't supposed to find it yet. We aren't up and running yet.

Here is what we do have right now:

Discussion Forums - Pastors have a hard time turning to anyone for support, ideas, or anything else. We are often seperated from other pastors relationally even if we live very close together. We are trying to have a safe place here to talk with other pastors about what is going on and ask for help if we need it.

Other Resources - We recognize that we are a small fish in a large pond, both online and offline. So here we are trying to compile some lists of other resources both online and offline that can help pastors in a wide variety of ways.

Essays Every pastor learns different lessons at different times, sometimes painfully and sometimes by sailing through something thanks only to the grace of God. Here is a place to post some of the things that you have learned and feel strongly about.

Getting started