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Whether we're performing a baptism, celebrating Easter or officiating at a wedding, there are times when we all use liturgy. Liturgy are those scripts we use for our services that guide our actions and our repsonses, making them purposeful and meaningful. Liturgy helps us connect with the larger Church outside our walls, because whether it's been used once or a thousand times, it helps us to recognize that what we are doing and saying are significant things.

So if you are looking for a larger touch of the significant in a service, a touch of the larger sense of the Church, or have one you have written and want to share, this is the place.

To post a new liturgy, type the title into the box below.

Liturgy for Services

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1st Sunday of AdventAdventTraditionalAdventGeneralCandles
2nd Sunday of AdventAdventTraditionalAdventGeneralCandles
3rd Sunday of AdventAdventTraditionalAdventGeneralCandles
4th Sunday of AdventAdventTraditionalAdventGeneralCandles
Communion LiturgyCommunionTraditionalGeneralGeneralBread
Covenant Renewal ServiceCovenant RenewalTraditionalChurchWesleyanCandles
Holy Communion LiturgyCommunionLiturgicalInsideProtestantconfession
Membership LiturgyMembershipModernGeneralWesleyanVows
Modern Baptism LiturgyBaptismModernGeneralGeneralWater
Modernized Nazarene MembershipMembershipTraditionalGeneralWesleyanVows
Remembering Passover CommunionPassover, EasterInformalGeneralGeneralcommunion
Simple WeddingWeddingSimplified TraditionalGeneralGeneralRings
Unity Candle