Hungry for Jesus

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Hungry for Jesus
Text: John 6:24-35
Occasion: General
Audience: General
Theological Tradition: Wesleyan
Topic: Spiritual Health
Author: WABuisman


We can have spiritual eating disorders too, but God wants us to be healthy and filled with the love of Christ.

How to Get There

  • Jesus talks about the spiritual life as food, food that lasts forever. Like Jesus feeding the people physical food, we too can be full on what Jesus has to offer in our spiritual walk.
  • Spiritual life is like our physical life, it can be twisted. We can have spiritual eating disorders like we have physical ones.
  • We can be spiritually starving.
    • We feel empty, but don't know what we're missing, like the people coming to Jesus in verse 26, but unsure why.
    • We try and fill that emptiness with what we have, food that spoils, material things, temporal things, and they all fail.
    • We can come to church every day and not be spiritual fed.
    • There is a solution John 6:35, Jesus is the bread of life. We don't get fed through attendance, through programs, or anything but encountering Jesus.
  • We can be spiritually anorexic.
    • We know we need God, but we only get enough food that we don't die.
    • We don't look bad, we aren't actively sinning, but we certainly aren't happy either.
    • We can be Christians while missing out on the Joy of Christ, enjoying creation, or a genuinely fulfilling relationship with God.
    • Matthew 5:6 provides the solution, we can be filled. Seek it all, don't ever stop with “enough” or just avoiding hell. There is so much more.
  • We can be spiritually constipated.
    • We have an active relationship with God, but we don't exercise our faith.
    • We can grow in our faith as much as possible, but never put it into practice and it will slowly cause us problems.
    • The remedy is Colossians 1:10, we need to bear fruit. If we are not actively involved in ministry to God, you are only living halfway in faith.
  • God wants us to be spiritually healthy. We need to be hungry for Jesus, filled with the love of Christ, and actively living that faith out.

Things to Watch For

Eating disorders are taboo in many contexts, and comparing people's spiritual lives to these issues can be provocative. However, that is part of the point. Use discretion as to your audience and whether this metaphor will help emphasize how bad of an idea these spiritual disorders are, or whether it will distract.

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