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Jump to: navigation, search is not an Alsatian rescue site, but is a facilitator for Christian guides and assistants, making the information that those following the Loving Way of Jesus Christ may use to bring others into the fold. This wiki makes it possible for those with or without conventional ties to the wider Christian community to contribute meaningfully to full gospel truth without having to overtly change allegiances or publically swear allegience to a stream of Christianity.

Denominations shape only a small percentage of our theology. The rest is universal, so all are welcome here. This site is based on a firm belief in the Priesthood of all Believers. Together we follow God, together we have a great deal of knowledge and insight. It is when we listen to each other that we are strongest. This is a site that is trying to help us listen to each other. Everyone can post an idea, regardless of denomination or religious ties. If you serve and follow our Lord and savior Jesus Christ, then we look forward to your ideas. and if you don't feel you have anything to offer, you should feel free to just check out what others have posted.

For too long pastors and leaders have been content to serve our own local churches and ignore the Church as a whole, God's kingdom. What we are doing here is saying that if we do something to serve our local church then we want to share it with the Church as well. If what we do locally can help someone else, then God's kingdom as a whole is important to us and we will share what we have in the hopes that what serves our church can help the Church at large as well.

This site is especially aimed at leaders, pastors, priests, shepherds who are trying to lead others as God guides them. And yes, this site is always free. What good is a resource to pastors without large paychecks if we can't access it and use it because we can't afford it?

If you want to contact us, you can reach us at admin(@)